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Deep-Decarbonization Strategy for India Climate, Electricity October 10, 2019 Khushboo Goel Emissions, Energy Efficiency, International
Heating the Bauhaus: Architectural History in the Context of Energy Policy and Transition Electricity, Cities & Buildings, Fossil Fuels September 24, 2019 Daniel Barber Coal, Emissions, Energy Efficiency, International
Renewable Auctions and Labor Considerations in Brazil Electricity, Markets & Regulation August 22, 2019 Gabrielle Vasey Electricity Markets, Hydropower, International, Public Health
Superblocks: Barcelona’s Plan to Free Itself from Cars Transportation, Climate, Cities & Buildings June 18, 2019 David Roberts Emissions, International, Politics
Black Market Crude: Organized Crime and Environmental Externalities in Nigeria’s Oil Sector Fossil Fuels March 5, 2019 Jonah Rexer International, Oil & Gas, Politics, Risk
Plugging In: Energy Demand in Indian Residences Climate, Electricity March 22, 2018 Radhika Khosla Energy Efficiency, International
Water, Waste, Energy: Lessons from Coca-Cola in Africa Electricity March 8, 2018 Sara Byala Environment, International, Solar, Water, Waste
Putting Energy into Implementation: Challenges to Subnational Participation in SDG 7 Climate February 1, 2018 Mark Alan Hughes, Cornelia Colijn International
Hot Topics on Climate Change Climate June 28, 2017 Roberto Schaeffer Emissions, International
Why Some Nations Choose Nuclear Power Nuclear June 23, 2017 Katherine Smith, Reto Gieré Emissions, Energy Security, International
Lessons from Alberta: How to Implement a Carbon Tax Markets & Regulation, Fossil Fuels September 10, 2016 Angela Pachon, Dillon Weber Carbon Pricing, International
Will China Reduce Coal Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Fossil Fuels, Climate June 21, 2016 Matthew Kahn Coal, Emissions, International
Energy Production and the Potential for Electric Motorcycles in Solo and Central Java, Indonesia Transportation, Cities & Buildings January 9, 2016 Erick Guerra, Lucia Artavia Electric Vehicles, International
From Coal to Clean Fossil Fuels, Renewables November 4, 2015 Dillon Weber Coal, International
Listening, Learning, Leading: A Framework for Regulatory Excellence Markets & Regulation November 4, 2015 Cary Coglianese International, Regulation


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Jose Miguel Abito

Mike Abito

Assistant Professor of Economics, Ohio State University
Jose Miguel “Mike” Abito is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Ohio State University. He is a reviewer for the Kleinman Center and was previously an assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the Wharton School.

Veronica Jacome

Assistant Professor, Temple University
Veronica Jacome is an Assistant Professor of Energy Geography at Temple University. She was a University of California’s President Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Santa Barbara and a Chateaubriand Fellow at Mines ParisTech in the Center for Advanced Mathematics

Christina Simeone

Kleinman Center Senior Fellow
Christina Simeone is a senior fellow at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and a doctoral student in advanced energy systems at the Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a joint program.