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The Essential Role of Negative Emissions in Getting to Carbon Neutral Fossil Fuels, Emerging Tech April 30, 2020 Jennifer Wilcox Carbon Capture, Coal, Emissions
Mongolian Energy Futures: Repowering Ulaanbaatar Fossil Fuels, Cities & Buildings, Electricity October 18, 2019 Nicholas Pevzner, Stephanie Carlisle Coal, Emissions, International, Public Health
Working Paper: Whither the Regulatory ‘War on Coal’? Fossil Fuels October 8, 2019 Cary Coglianese , Daniel Walters Coal, Regulation
Heating the Bauhaus: Architectural History in the Context of Energy Policy and Transition Electricity, Cities & Buildings, Fossil Fuels September 24, 2019 Daniel Barber Coal, Emissions, Energy Efficiency, International
The Long Goodbye: Why Some Nations Can’t Kick the Coal Habit Fossil Fuels April 1, 2019 Anna Mikulska Coal, Emissions, Energy Security
Reimagining Pennsylvania’s Coal Communities Fossil Fuels, Climate, Markets & Regulation May 23, 2018 Christina Simeone, DeShaun Bennett, Theodora Okiro Coal, Labor
Revitalizing Coal Communities Fossil Fuels, Access & Equity December 20, 2016 Adija Manley, Christina Simeone Coal
Will China Reduce Coal Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Fossil Fuels, Climate June 21, 2016 Matthew Kahn Coal, Emissions, International
The Coal Dilemma Fossil Fuels December 4, 2015 Angela Pachon, Dillon Weber Coal
From Coal to Clean Fossil Fuels, Renewables November 4, 2015 Dillon Weber Coal, International

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