About the Program

The Kleinman Center brings practitioners to Penn for year-long collaborative visits.

Our senior fellows program brings distinguished practitioners to the Kleinman Center for year-long fellowships to enrich their own learning and professional development—while expanding the center’s expertise areas and research agenda. A Kleinman Center senior fellow has proven expertise in their field with specialized experience as a policy maker, regulator, industry leader, or analyst.

A senior fellowship provides opportunities for exploring energy policy interests at the University of Pennsylvania, collaborating with faculty, and connecting with students.

For questions about the senior fellows program, please email Angela Pachon


Senior fellows engage in programming opportunities at the Kleinman Center, through:

  • Research: Leading a research project on a timely issue, participating in an ongoing research project, or collaborating with affiliated faculty on an existing project
  • Workshops, Seminars, and Events: Organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, or public events; supporting Energy Week at Penn; inviting speakers to Penn; or speaking in a class or seminar.
  • Commentary: Writing news articles, op-eds, or insight posts; or participating in the Kleinman Center’s Podcast Energy Policy Now.
  • Teaching and mentorship: Teaching a class, speaking in a class, or presenting at a seminar.

2023-2024 Senior Fellows

Danny Cullenward is a Kleinman Center Senior Fellow. He is a climate economist and lawyer, a Research Fellow with the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, and the Vice Chair of California’s Independent Emissions Market Advisory Committee.
Kelli Joseph is a Kleinman Center Senior Fellow. She works at the intersection of policy and markets, with a focus on transitioning the electricity sector to support a decarbonized, climate resilient economy.
Anna Mikulska is an expert on European energy markets and energy policy. She is a senior fellow at the Kleinman Center and a fellow in energy studies at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.
John Quigley
Senior Fellow, Kleinman Center
John Quigley is a senior fellow at the Kleinman Center and previously served on the Center’s Advisory Board. He served as Secretary of the PA Department of Environmental Protection and of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
Benjamin Schmitt is a joint senior fellow at the Kleinman Center and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Penn. He is also an affiliate of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and associate of the Harvard-Ukrainian Research Institute.