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Ammonia’s Role in a Net-Zero Hydrogen Economy Emerging Tech March 17, 2023 Oscar Serpell, Zakaria Hsain, Wan-Yi “Amy” Chu, Walter Johnsen Hydrogen, Oil & Gas
Energy Transitions Are Brown Before They Go Green Fossil Fuels, Renewables, Cities & Buildings March 18, 2020 Mark Alan Hughes Emissions, Oil & Gas, Public Health, Risk
Preparing PGW for a Low-Carbon Future Cities & Buildings, Fossil Fuels October 16, 2019 Oscar Serpell, Wan-Yi “Amy” Chu, Benjamin Paren, Giridhar Sankar Emissions, Oil & Gas
Black Market Crude: Organized Crime and Environmental Externalities in Nigeria’s Oil Sector Fossil Fuels March 5, 2019 Jonah Rexer International, Oil & Gas, Politics, Risk
Plugging the Leaks: Why Existing Financial Incentives Aren’t Enough to Reduce Methane Fossil Fuels February 4, 2019 Catherine Hausman, Daniel Raimi Emissions, Oil & Gas
Beyond Bankruptcy: The Outlook for Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Refinery Markets & Regulation, Fossil Fuels, Cities & Buildings September 20, 2018 Christina Simeone Oil & Gas, Politics, Public Health, Risk
Pennsylvania’s Gas Decade Fossil Fuels October 27, 2017 Christina Simeone Electricity Markets, Fracking, Oil & Gas
Ending Fossil Fuel Tax Subsidies Fossil Fuels, Markets & Regulation April 27, 2017 Gilbert Metcalf Oil & Gas, Regulation, Subsidies
Comparative Pathways to Regional Energy Transition Fossil Fuels, Climate March 31, 2017 Mark Alan Hughes, Cornelia Colijn, Oscar Serpell Emissions, Grids, Oil & Gas, Pennsylvania
Managing Induced Seismicity from Wastewater Injection Wells in Pennsylvania Fossil Fuels December 6, 2016 John Quigley Fracking, Oil & Gas, Pennsylvania, Water
Taxing the Tar Sands Markets & Regulation, Fossil Fuels August 10, 2016 Angela Pachon, Dillon Weber Carbon Pricing, Emissions, Oil & Gas
Philadelphia Gas Works’ LNG Expansion Efforts Fossil Fuels, Cities & Buildings June 29, 2016 Christina Simeone LNG, Oil & Gas, Pennsylvania, Utilities
Rate Decoupling and Economic and Design Considerations Electricity, Markets & Regulation June 6, 2016 Christina Simeone Oil & Gas, Utilities
Why the U.S. Might Lift a Decades Long Ban on Crude Oil Exports Fossil Fuels, Markets & Regulation September 16, 2015 Dillon Weber Oil & Gas, Regulation
A Tale of Two Taxes Markets & Regulation, Fossil Fuels September 2, 2015 Angela Pachon, Dillon Weber Oil & Gas, Regulation


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