Policy Digests

A nuclear power plant in the ocean July 29, 2020Can Nuclear Hit Its Stride in Africa? Power to the People: Evaluating Nuclear as a Bridge to Sustainable Energy in Africa
Electric vehicle charging stations  July 9, 2020Electric Vehicles in the City The Relationship of EV Infrastructure and Spatial Development in Beijing
A boat travels across water during sunset April 21, 2020Feasibility of Seasonal Storage for a Fully Electrified Economy
Dozens of windmills in the middle of water February 11, 2020Innovation in UK Offshore Wind How Government Policy Can Improve Public-Private Collaborative R&D
Blue electric vehicle is plugged in for charging January 28, 2020EV Adoption and the Price of Parking
Industrial smokestacks January 9, 2020Robust Carbon Markets Rethinking Quantities and Prices in Carbon Pricing
A man looks down at a flooded street in India December 18, 2019Changing Tides Public Attitudes on Climate Change and Climate Migration
Indian building in front of a smoggy sky October 10, 2019Deep-Decarbonization Strategy for India
A screen showing a graph September 19, 2019Climate Change and Financial Risks
Sections of Mixed Size Blue PVC Pipes September 11, 2019Fossil Fuels, the Building Industry, and Human Health Evaluating Toxicity in Architectural Plastics
A power plant surrounded by fields and open space August 5, 2019It’s Ideology, Stupid Why Voters Still Shun Carbon Taxes
Decorative spirals July 25, 2019Extra-Metabolic Energy The Power to Sustain or Destroy
Girl holding cell phone next to street waiting for ride share July 11, 2019Your Uber Has Arrived How Ridesharing Expands Access, Increases Emissions, and Changes Cities
A car on a highway uses a GPS July 11, 2019Bye-Bye Bus Ride-Hail in Philadelphia
A street with row home houses July 2, 2019Follow the Carbon The Case for Neighborhood-Level Carbon Footprints
Pedestrians gathering in Barcelona square June 18, 2019Superblocks Barcelona's Plan to Free Itself from Cars
Energy meters May 16, 2019Self-Imposed Emission Limits Is There a Case for Pennsylvania and RGGI
An orange sky with power plants in the distance April 24, 2019Why Carbon Pricing Falls Short And What to Do About It
Trucks moving in a coal mine April 1, 2019The Long Goodbye Why Some Nations Can’t Kick the Coal Habit
Student Richard Ling stands with tour guide in front of waste to energy infrastructure March 21, 2019Powering Our Future with Trash
Oil infrastructure near water March 5, 2019Black Market Crude Organized Crime and Environmental Externalities in Nigeria's Oil Sector
Power plant from above with emissions being released into the sky February 25, 2019Targeting Net Zero Emissions A New Focus for a More Effective Climate Policy
Infrastructure used for natural gas extraction February 4, 2019Plugging the Leaks Why Existing Financial Incentives Aren't Enough to Reduce Methane
city buildings lit up at nights November 28, 2018Wrong About Urbanization? How Emerging Factors Could Shift People Away from Cities
overhead power lines above grassy hill and bright sun November 7, 2018Competitive Imperative Choices for Pennsylvania's Energy Future
Balconies on the side of a building March 22, 2018Plugging In Energy Demand in Indian Residences
Multiple computer systems with green light glowing behind March 15, 2018Energy and the Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges for Climate and Energy Governance
Pallets of glass soda bottles March 8, 2018Water, Waste, Energy Lessons from Coca-Cola in Africa
Water flowing into metal pipe way January 29, 2018Sea Change Desalination and the Water-Energy Nexus
Aqueduct in California with arid landscape surrounding January 11, 2018Water Issues in California
Pollution from power plant smoke stack December 14, 2017Climate Policy in a Disorganized World Separate versus Single Markets for Externalities
Several wind turbines in an ocean October 5, 2017Tilting at Windmills The Emerging U.S. Offshore Wind Energy Industry
The edge of an iceberg with ocean below June 28, 2017Hot Topics on Climate Change
Nuclear power plant lit up at night by a river June 23, 2017Why Some Nations Choose Nuclear Power
pollution rising into a cloudy sky May 31, 2017The Carbon Tax A Bargain for Conservatives
Oil rigs with sun set in the background April 27, 2017Ending Fossil Fuel Tax Subsidies Removing Tax Preferences for Domestic Oil and Gas Production
Satellite imagery of California projecting energy connections across the US March 31, 2017Comparative Pathways to Regional Energy Transition
Colorful crude oil drums stacked March 23, 2017Energy Market Shock Absorbers Waiving Environmental Regulations in Response to Fuel Market Disruptions
Truck driving on a highway with snow capped mountains behind March 15, 2017Stalled: Make Big Trucks More Fuel Efficient with Smarter Infrastructure Investment
Pacific Gas and Electric Company energy storage unit February 27, 2017PG&E Battery Demonstration Implications for the Energy Storage Value Stack
Aerial view of Manhattan February 3, 2017Aligning Local Logic with Global Need A Path Towards Sturdier Mitigation Policy
Rachel Notley of Alberta’s New Democratic Party addressing a crowd September 10, 2016Lessons from Alberta: How to Implement a Carbon Tax
Pollution from sand tar rig in overlooking shot August 10, 2016Taxing the Tar Sands
Phasor Measurement Units in the North American Power Grid map June 3, 2016Developing the High-Res Grid Deploying Synchrophasor Technology for Grid Modernization
Chucks of black coal on a 1 USD April 28, 2016Computing the Right Price Signal for the Social Cost of Carbon
Ethanol in a beaker with corn kernels on the table February 26, 2016Of Corn and Climate Change: Ethanol in America
View of a power generator tower with green and blue overlay February 11, 2016Electric Utility Trends in Pennsylvania (2005-2014)
Close up of coal December 4, 2015The Coal Dilemma
Airplane taking off with sunsetting in the background November 4, 2015Should Maximum Contingency Fuel be Regulated for U.S. Civil Aviation? An Analysis of Contingency Fuel Uplift Practices and Costs
Wind energy farm with mountains in background November 4, 2015From Coal to Clean How China is Revolutionizing the Transition to Renewable Power
Electric vehicle charging stations September 30, 2015How Attractive Are Fuel-Economy Standards?
Statue of two eagles back to back with blue and red overlays September 2, 2015A Tale of Two Taxes Impact Fee and the Severance Tax in Pennsylvania
Penn Program on Regulation logo June 1, 2015Choices in Regulatory Program Design and Enforcement
Tank cars on a rail bridge May 5, 2015Oil Trains and the PA Public Utility Commission Pathways to Enhanced Crude-by-Rail Safety in Pennsylvania
Philadelphia skyline over the Schuylkill River April 7, 2015The Stakes Are High for a Philadelphia Energy Hub In Search of Better Outcomes for All