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New York, London Lead Divestment Efforts

Ari Bortman
Coronavirus may have prevented city leaders from meeting in NYC, but the Fossil Fuel Divestment movement is gaining more strength than ever as coal and oil stocks underperform.
Sun sets behind Manhattan building

The COVID Carbon Crunch

Oscar Serpell
Amid the COVID pandemic, the world is experiencing a dramatic drop in carbon emissions. Tools like carbon markets could help assure that some of these reductions are maintained as the global economy recovers and reopens.
Smoke stakes emit smoke plumes

Biofuel Must Expand Beyond Ethanol to Address Stubborn Emissions

Leah Narun
Nearly a third of CO2 emissions result from high power processes that require some form of combustable fuel, like air travel and long-haul shipping. Advanced biofuels sourced from wastes, residues, and energy crops present a possible solution.
Green oil drums labeled bio fuel

A Shaky Future for U.S. Transit Systems… and Why We Need to Save Them

Angela Pachon
Even before the pandemic, transit ridership in the U.S. was on a downward slope. Can this vulnerable system rebound?
Social distancing guidance posted on a public bus

Clean Energy Generates Jobs. Why Does Washington Look Away?

Andy Stone
Americans want their government to do more to grow clean energy and environmental protections. Yet the response in Congress has been to deny what would amount to modest assistance.
Two workers walk through a solar field

Greening Healthcare Systems

Genevieve Silva
Greening the healthcare sector—at the levels of hospital systems and private practices—is a high-yield target in moving toward climate solutions.
Hospital worker puts on gloves

Climate Change and the Need for Community

Anunya Bahanda
As quarantined Americans, we long to be outside and with other people. Yet for the past 50 years our trend has been less engagement in civic life and less investment in public spaces. To cut carbon emissions and adapt to a changing climate, we must re-invest in our communities and the social infrastructure that upholds them.
Many people gather in a park with bikers and pedestrians

Sunrun Policy Chief Talks COVID Impact and Solar Power Future

Andy Stone
Anne Hoskins, chief policy officer at Sunrun, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and the future of solar power.
Worker installs a solar panel

Climate Change Take-Aways from the Global COVID Stress-Test

Oscar Serpell
The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing how governments around the world respond to a global crisis. What lessons can it teach us about the international response to climate change?
Protesting sign says "There is No Planet B"

Challenges Facing Renewable Energy in Northern Canada

Brandon Nguyen
In the remote northern territories of Canada, a legacy of off-grid systems and limited infrastructure makes energy transition difficult.
Homes in a snowy landscape


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