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June 18, 2024 Can the Global LNG Market Support U.S. Export Ambitions? Anne-Sophie Corbeau Natural gas market expert Anne-Sophie Corbeau explores the global outlook for LNG demand, and the potential for this demand to support the rapid expansion of U.S. LNG export capacity.
June 4, 2024 Power Struggle: The Electric Grid’s Natural Gas Challenge Seth Blumsack As the nation’s reliance on natural gas as a fuel for electricity generation has grown, so have reliability challenges.
May 21, 2024 Will Latest Solar Trade Dispute Impact U.S. Solar Growth? Eric Wesoff Canary Media senior editor Eric Wesoff explains the latest in a history of solar PV trade disputes involving the U.S. and China, and what it could mean for the growth of solar power and domestic solar manufacturing.
May 7, 2024 California’s Solar Equity Challenge Severin Borenstein Kleinman Center Visiting Scholar Severin Borenstein discusses California’s struggle to balance residential solar growth with electricity rate equity.
April 23, 2024 Can Competitive Electricity Markets Deliver Reliable Power? Kelli Joseph An expert in electricity markets explains why market price signals alone will struggle to incentivize adequate investment in the flexible electricity resources needed for future grid reliability.
April 2, 2024 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on the Rising Prospects for a U.S. Carbon Border Fee Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discusses the prospects for bipartisan U.S. carbon border fee legislation, and the need to protect the Biden administration’s clean energy and climate achievements.
March 19, 2024 Will Hydrogen Energy Be Clean Energy? Danny Cullenward The U.S. Department of the Treasury is finalizing rules that will determine which new clean hydrogen projects will receive the IRA’s generous 45V tax incentives, and whether those projects will deliver promised climate benefits.
March 5, 2024 Europe Confronts the Reality of Energy System Sabotage Benjamin Schmitt Physical attacks on critical European energy infrastructure have risen since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, threatening energy security and the pace of the low-carbon transition.
February 20, 2024 Accelerating the Energy Transition with Repurposed Energy Alexandra Klass Local opposition to clean energy projects slows the transition to a low carbon energy system. A legal expert explores how a national policy of “repurposed energy” could speed things up.
February 13, 2024 Special Episode: Corporate Disclosure Law Benjamin Chen The winner of our student blog competition presents his submission: Corporate Disclosure Law on Energy Policy.
February 6, 2024 The CO2 Transportation Challenge Peter Psarras, Hélène Pilorgé A national network of CO2 and biomass transportation infrastructure, spanning pipelines to rail routes, will be needed to support the permanent removal of atmospheric CO2. Can the network be economically built?
January 23, 2024 AI’s Big Future in Energy and Climate Regulation Cary Coglianese Cary Coglianese, director of the Penn Program on Regulation, explores AI’s potential to help regulators keep pace with energy sector growth and climate-tech innovation.
January 9, 2024 FERC Transmission Reform: A New Year’s Resolution? Ari Peskoe Ari Peskoe, director of Harvard Law School’s Electricity Law Initiative, discusses FERC’s pending reforms to the electric transmission development process in the U.S., and the legal challenges they’ll likely face.
December 5, 2023 Why the IRA’s Carbon Capture Tax Credit Could Increase Greenhouse Emissions Emily Grubert New research raises doubt around the climate benefits of the 45Q tax credit for carbon capture and storage for fossil fuel powerplants.
November 21, 2023 Aligning Clean Energy Policy with Grid Reliability Kelli Joseph Recent electric grid emergencies highlight the need for better communication, and coordination, between energy policymakers and grid operators.


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