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Access & Equity
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Improving Voltage Quality through Transformer Construction in Accra, Ghana Access & Equity, Electricity March 20, 2024 Susanna Berkouwer, Pierre Biscaye, Maya Mikdash, Steven Puller, Catherine Wolfram International
Improved Cookstoves Halve Air Pollution Peaks, But Ambient Exposure Dampens Health Benefits Access & Equity October 2, 2023 Susanna Berkouwer, Joshua Dean Emissions, Public Health
Powering the Slum II: Alternative Sources of Energy in Accra’s Informal Settlements Access & Equity, Renewables September 21, 2023 Eugenie Birch, James Kwame Mensah International
Energy Insecurity During the Time of COVID Access & Equity, Electricity April 5, 2023 Sanya Carley Covid-19
Addressing Energy Insecurity in Philadelphia’s Affordable Multi-Family Housing with C-PACE Financing Markets & Regulation, Access & Equity March 29, 2023 Walter Johnsen Finance & Investment
Gender Baseline Assessment of Energy Compacts Access & Equity December 13, 2022 Naimat Chopra Emissions, International
Opportunities to Equitably Expand Bikeshare: Learning from the Covid-19 Period Transportation, Access & Equity October 27, 2022 Joshua H. Davidson, Megan Ryerson Covid-19
Wholesale Electricity Justice Access & Equity, Electricity September 7, 2022 Shelley Welton Grids
Barriers to Energy Efficiency Adoption in Low-Income Communities Access & Equity December 9, 2021 Susanna Berkouwer, Joshua Dean Energy Efficiency, International
Powering the Slum: Meeting SDG7 in Accra’s Informal Settlements Access & Equity, Cities & Buildings April 21, 2021 James Kwame Mensah, Eugenie Birch International
Follow the Carbon: The Case for Neighborhood-Level Carbon Footprints Access & Equity, Cities & Buildings, Climate July 2, 2019 Daniel Cohen, Kevin Ummel Emissions, Environment
Revitalizing Coal Communities Fossil Fuels, Access & Equity December 20, 2016 Adija Manley, Christina Simeone Coal

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