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Our researchers explore critical issues and address challenges that have regional, national, and global implications.

About Our Research Grants

Each year, the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy awards grants to Penn faculty, postdocs, and doctoral students ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to support new research or supplement existing research.

Our annual call for grants is now closed. Stay up to date on next year’s call:

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Awarded Research Projects

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Humidity Responsive, Water Harvesting and Self-Cooling Building Envelopes Emerging Tech, Cities & Buildings, Electricity 2016-2017 Shu Yang Water
Philadelphia’s Energy Transition Climate, Cities & Buildings 2016-2017 William Braham, Eugenie Birch, Tom Daniels, Erick Guerra, John Landis, Megan Ryerson, Barry Silverman, Susan Wachter Emissions, Pennsylvania
The Future of Aviation Policy Transportation 2015-2016 Megan Ryerson Aviation, Regulation
Global Infrastructure Project Research Network Markets & Regulation 2015-2016 Witold Henisz Finance & Investment, International
Lighting Dark Corners: Improving Light Efficiency with Kirigami Electricity 2015-2016 Randall Kamien Energy Efficiency
Environmentally Responsive and Energy Efficient Building Skins Cities & Buildings 2015-2016 Shu Yang Energy Efficiency, Environment
Solar Energy Powered Water Purification System in Rwanda Access & Equity, Renewables 2015-2016 Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles International, Solar, Water
Gaming the Sustainable City Cities & Buildings 2015-2016 William Braham, Barry Silverman Environment
Best-in-Class Initiative for the Alberta Energy Regulator Markets & Regulation, Fossil Fuels 2014-2015 Cary Coglianese International, Oil & Gas, Regulation
The Economics of MPG Claims: Theory and Evidence Transportation, Fossil Fuels 2014-2015 Arthur van Benthem, Sébastien Houde, Kenneth Gillingham Regulation
Electric Motorcycles for the Motorcycle City Transportation, Fossil Fuels 2014-2015 Erick Guerra Electric Vehicles, International, Subsidies
Airline Fuel Loading: Existing Airline Practices and Future Federal Regulations Transportation, Fossil Fuels 2014-2015 Megan Ryerson, Mark Hansen Aviation, Emissions, Regulation
A Research Agenda for Tribology Emerging Tech, Electricity 2014-2015 Robert Carpick, Andy Jackson Energy Efficiency


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