Policy Digests

June 28, 2017Hot Topics on Climate Change
June 23, 2017Why Some Nations Choose Nuclear Power
May 31, 2017The Carbon Tax
April 27, 2017Ending Fossil Fuel Tax Subsidies
March 31, 2017Comparative Pathways to Regional Energy Transition
March 23, 2017Energy Market Shock Absorbers
March 15, 2017Stalled: Make Big Trucks More Fuel Efficient
February 27, 2017PG&E Battery Demonstration
February 3, 2017Aligning Local Logic with Global Need
September 10, 2016Lessons from Alberta: How to Implement a Carbon Tax
August 10, 2016Taxing the Tar Sands
June 13, 2016Economics and Policy of Large-Scale Battery Storage
June 3, 2016Developing the High-Res Grid
February 26, 2016Of Corn and Climate Change: Ethanol in America
February 11, 2016Electric Utility Trends in Pennsylvania (2005-2014)
December 4, 2015The Coal Dilemma
November 4, 2015Should Maximum Contingency Fuel be Regulated for U.S. Civil Aviation?
November 4, 2015From Coal to Clean
April 7, 2015The Stakes Are High for a Philadelphia Energy Hub