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What Matters for Electrification? Evidence from 70 Years of U.S. Home Heating Choices

The energy transition is moving many in the United States towards electric heating systems, with changing energy prices being the biggest factor in household decisions to switch to an electric system. Join Visiting Scholar Lucas Davis for a closer look.

A Case for Carbon Dioxide Removal from Air

Jennifer Wilcox reviews the promise and pitfalls of using technology to remove CO2 directly from the air.

The Clean Energy Revolution Is (Finally) Here

Daniel Kammen examines how the confluence of technological change and changing social dynamics have finally made clean energy, social justice, and ecological preservation mainstream topics.

Energy Transitions: The Critical Path

What is the critical path we can take to affordably decarbonize energy systems—while ensuring that no one is left behind?

Robust Carbon Markets: Rethinking Quantities and Prices

Carbon markets face price erosion challenges caused by policies that encourage renewables. To overcome this, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) implemented an emissions containment reserve. Explore the RGGI approach.

Effective Climate Action: The Case for Greenhouse Gas Neutrality

Three years after the climate summit in Paris, the euphoria has largely evaporated. Although we agreed on targets holding the temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 °F), there has been little sign of additional ambition in climate change mitigation since.