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Beyond Techno-Economics: Responsible Deployment in Carbon Management

Pete Psarras explores challenges and opportunities in carbon management, illustrating how various impact layers from the techno-economic, social, and environmental perspectives interact to form a new picture of deployment.

Energy Insecurity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Energy insecurity is a problem facing millions of American households. Explore how the pandemic impacted those facing energy insecurity and how successful temporary protections have been at lightening the burden.

Student Lightning Talks

Hear presentations on energy research from Penn graduate and undergraduate students from across campus.

Governing Net Zero

Visiting Scholar Thomas Hale discusses the next phase of net zero and the governance required to achieve the goals.

Grid Reliability through Clean Energy

Incoming Kleinman Center faculty member Shelley Welton explains why energy governance reform is the key to achieving the dual imperatives of clean energy and grid reliability.

The Emissions Gap: How Far Are We from the Goals of the Paris Agreement?

Are global emissions on track to meet the promises of the Paris Agreement? Anne Olhoff explores where we are headed, where we need to be, and how we get there.


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