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A Clean Energy Workforce and the Path to Equity

Visiting Scholar Nikki Luke chronicles how subsidized worker training programs in the South grew a workforce of laborers in utilities, energy efficiency, and solar panel manufacturing.

Are Industry Regulators Ready for the Climate Transition?

Visiting Scholar Meredith Fowlie explores if regulatory regimes are up to the task of coordinating an efficient and equitable climate transition.

Shaping Resource Flows: The Role of Carbon Capture in Meeting Net-Zero Carbon Goals with Jennifer Wilcox

Jennifer Wilcox discusses how carbon capture can help meet net-zero carbon goals and how it relates to shaping resource flows.

Carbon Removal & Solar Geoengineering Through the Lens of Justice

Explore how carbon removal and solar geoengineering technologies might evolve while breaking away from unjust mechanisms.

Beyond Techno-Economics: Responsible Deployment in Carbon Management

Pete Psarras explores challenges and opportunities in carbon management, illustrating how various impact layers from the techno-economic, social, and environmental perspectives interact to form a new picture of deployment.

Energy Insecurity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Energy insecurity is a problem facing millions of American households. Explore how the pandemic impacted those facing energy insecurity and how successful temporary protections have been at lightening the burden.