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Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

David Rolnick explores opportunities and challenges in machine learning for climate action, from designing new electrocatalysts to monitoring biodiversity.

AI and Climate Data

Amy Braverman will consider the role of AI in addressing climate change through the lens of the most comprehensive data resource for understanding climatic change: satellite data.

Towards Environmentally Sustainable AI

Explore what is known about AI’s carbon footprint—and what technical and policy options might be available to reduce it.

Energy Week at Penn 2024

Save the date for Energy Week at Penn 2024!

2023 Carnot Prize Policy Lecture and Award Ceremony

The Kleinman Center awards its eighth annual Carnot Prize for distinguished contributions in energy policy to Ramón Méndez Galain, former energy director of Uruguay.

Is Solar Geoengineering a Viable Tool in the Climate Policy Arsenal?

Explore the questions surrounding solar geoengineering with a panel with diverse views and backgrounds on the topic.

Beginning to End the Climate Crisis: A Discussion with Climate Activists

A discussion about debunking myths around climate change, discussing system and structural changes needed for human action, and how climate activists have used their platforms and actions to mobilize youth activists and the youth climate movement.

Bet the Farm: The Dollars and Sense of Growing Food in America

A conversation with Beth Hoffman on the dollars and sense of growing food in America

Climate Solutions, Justice, and the Rise of a Trillion-Dollar Industry

Explore the possibility of regenerative agriculture as a just climate solution.

Energy Week Lightning Talks

Hear presentations on energy research from Penn graduate and undergraduate students from across campus.


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