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A Conversation with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Join us for a lunchtime conversation with climate and environmental champion Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

Accelerating to Net Zero: Fueling the Clean Energy Transition

Anna Siefken, deputy director of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) in the U.S. Department of Energy, shares her expertise and insight.

EVs and the Energy Transition Faculty Lunch

A closed event for the Penn community exploring research underway on electric vehicles.

Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector: Policy Oversight

Explore the mechanisms of policy intervention as Senior Fellow Danny Cullenward discusses an evidence-based strategy for implementing green industrial policy.

Energy Week Lightning Talks

Hear presentations on energy research from Penn graduate and undergraduate students from across campus.

Careers in the Energy Sector: Energy Week Alumni Panel

Accomplished alumni working in the field of energy share insights for preparing for a successful entrance into the energy sector.

Undergrad Climate and Energy Policy Seminar: Danny Cullenward

Our undergraduate fellows are invited to hear from Senior Fellow Danny Cullenward.

Women in Engineering and Energy Student Workshop

Meet with Anna Siefken, Deputy Director of the Federal Energy Management Program at the Department of Energy to discuss careers in energy and engineering.

Energy Week Poster Session

Discover the latest advancements in energy policy and engineering research during our annual Energy Week poster session.

Energy and Sustainability Industry Day

A networking reception centered around the energy & sustainability industry which aims to bring together talented engineering students, faculty members, alumni, and industry professionals for an engaging exchange of insights and opportunities within the energy and sustainability sector.


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