Policy Guidance for Addressing Energy Insecurity and Utility Disconnections

The projectexplores the broad and specific impacts of energy insecurity (EI) and utility disconnections in the U.S., focusing on measuring (in qualitative and quantitative ways) private and social costs and identifying actionable roles for energy sector stakeholders. The objective is to provide a detailed economic and policy analysis to inform more effective interventions against utility disconnections and energy insecurity. Methodologically, the project will involve directed calls to utility companies and legal services and a mixed-methods research approach for comprehensive data gathering and analysis. Funds will primarily support a research associate who will assist with data collection, analysis, and drafting of manuscripts and policy recommendations.

Alison Knasin

Lab Manager, Energy Justice Lab
Alison Knasin is the lab manager of the Energy Justice Lab. She received her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, and also holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Chemistry from Boston University.