Path to Removing Barriers to Adoption of Low-Carbon Alternatives for Building Cooling Systems

The increasing cooling load due to climate change and expanded indoor fresh air requirements related to COVID-19 require alternative cooling solutions for the future of building infrastructure. This project explores the suitability and estimate the market potential of radiant cooling and natural ventilation technologies across different climatic zones. It also identifies how building codes and standards become barriers to adoption of alternative strategies and how they can better promote low-energy solutions and what adjustments should be made in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) standards in order to accelerate adoption of alternative modes of cooling and ventilation. Finally, the project aims to identify current weaknesses of these technologies and defining paths to overcoming them. A critical part of this effort is to bring stakeholders together into working-group meetings with the goal to get feedback and form a proposed policy document.

Dorit Aviv

Assistant Professor of Architecture
Dorit Aviv is an assistant professor of architecture at the Weitzman School.