Intersecting Energy Cultures: A Community-Based, Trans-Local Energy Justice Project

Through the formation and activities of an international working group made up of twelve campus-community collaborations, with members determined by application and selected by the project’s global advisory board, Intersecting Energy Cultures attends to how local communities are frequently impacted by multiple and historically overlapping forms of energy production which amplify existing vulnerabilities. A central aim of this project is to build community capacity. As such, in addition to creative and academic publications, outputs will include open access materials and white papers to be shared with policymakers at various scales of governance to more effectively advocate for just energy futures.

Grant Result

The arts can be a valuable tool for facilitating dialogue around the energy transition and ensuring community perspectives are represented in policy arenas.

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Bethany Wiggin

Professor of German
Bethany Wiggin is a Professor of German and the Founding Director of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. Her research spans fields usually held apart: early modern German and Atlantic cultural history, and the environmental humanities.