Choices in Regulatory Program Design and Enforcement

University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Cary Coglianese and the Penn Program on Regulation were selected by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) of Canada to lead a major, independent initiative defining and measuring regulatory excellence.

As part of the Initiative, teams of researchers produced papers on four primary dimensions of a regulator’s work: Priority SettingProblem SolvingPeople (internal management), and the Public (external engagement).  

Kleinman Center Research Assistant Elise Harrington was a principal researcher and co-author (with Dr. Christopher Carrigan) of the Problem Solving paper, titled “Choices in Regulatory Program Design and Enforcement.” 

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Cary Coglianese

Edward B. Shils Professor of Law
Cary Coglianese is the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at the Carey School of Law. He also is the director of the Penn Program on Regulation.

Christopher Carrigan

Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Christopher Carrigan is an assistant professor of public policy and public administration at the George Washington University Trachtenberg School and a member of the faculty of GW’s Environmental Resource Policy Program.

Elise Harrington

Doctoral Student
Elise Harrington is a research assistant at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and is pursing a Ph.D. in city and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania.