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February 14, 2023 The Complex, Politically Fraught Path to Building Electrification Judy Chang Judy Chang, former Massachusetts undersecretary of Energy and Climate Solutions, discusses the need to educate consumers on the imperative to cut building emissions.
November 15, 2022 COP27 Dispatch: As Climate Impacts Grow, Cities Explore Paths to Adaptation Eugenie Birch, William Burke-White, Mauricio Rodas Three experts on cities discuss the efforts of urban communities to navigate climate change. 
September 21, 2021 Can Americans Afford to Fully Electrify Their Homes? Lucas Davis A leading energy economist explores the cost of electrifying home heating, the top source of energy demand and carbon emissions in American homes.
April 20, 2021 Combating Energy Poverty in the U.S. Tony Reames One-third of American households struggle to pay for their basic energy needs. University of Michigan’s Tony Reames explores the role of policy in overcoming energy poverty.
January 30, 2020 Following Refinery Blast, Philadelphia Looks to a Cleaner Future Mark Alan Hughes Last June the largest oil refinery on the East Coast blew up. In the disaster’s wake, can the city of Philadelphia and its residents transition to a cleaner, more financially sound future?
April 3, 2018 Rising Seas and the Future of Coastal Cities Billy Fleming, Jeff Goodell As sea levels rise, nuisance flooding is the first wave of assault on coastal cities. Can we protect our coasts from inundation, or is retreat inevitable?
October 31, 2017 A City Blazes Its Clean Energy Trail Adam Agalloco A growing number of U.S. cities have set aggressive clean energy and efficiency targets, but the complexity and cost of energy transition can be daunting. Philadelphia’s Energy Manager offers insights into his city’s new plan to go 100% renewable and cut energy use.

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Since the first season of our podcast series, Andy Stone has directed each episode of Energy Policy Now—defining topics, inviting guests, and leading informative conversations.


Andy Stone

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Andy Stone is producer and host of Energy Policy Now, the Kleinman Center’s podcast series. He previously worked in business planning with PJM Interconnection and was a senior energy reporter at Forbes Magazine.