Kleinman Center Showcases Penn Technologies at ARPA-E Summit

This weekend, the Kleinman Center and the Penn Center for Innovation will attend the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit as Technology Development Partners, showcasing seven new energy technologies developed by Penn faculty and fellows, including Dr. Rahul Magharam. 

Dr. Mangharam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering. He focuses on scheduling algorithms and network-embedded systems that can be applied to energy-efficient buildings, wireless network control or medical device technologies, among many others. One of Dr. Mangharam’s technologies, a Smart Demand Response for Building Efficiency, will be highlighted at ARPA-E for its potential in energy efficiency innovation.

This new system takes into account the unique properties of a given building, which enables it to react and respond to changes in real time and results in significant long-term decreases in energy costs. This video, which features Kleinman Center Faculty Director Mark Alan Hughes, explains the demand response system in more detail. 

For more information on the Penn technologies to be featured at ARPA-E, please see our event page.