Kleinman Center Faculty Director Featured on Upcoming Van Alen Institute Panel

On June 15th 2016, Kleinman Center Director, Mark Alan Hughes will join the Van Alen Institute to participate in a panel on the energy grid and for a screening of Power Lines, the second season of the short documentary series Van Alen Sessions, presented with The Atlantic and CityLab Exploring the future of the energy grid, Power Lines spotlights the outdated energy infrastructure that currently puts millions of city dwellers at risk, and reveals ambitious ideas for tomorrow’s electricity networks. 

Following the screening, Mark will be presenting along with documentary director and producer Kelly Loudenberg; Sommer Mathis, editor, CityLab; Wes Rozen, partner, SITU Studio; and author Ginger Strand for a lively conversation about shifts in the energy sector. 

You can read more about the event and panelists and puchase tickets to the event online.