Energy Week at Penn 2024

Energy Week at Penn 2024 took us all around campus to learn about energy research from a variety of disciplines. Explore event recordings and revisit the events.

This March, the Kleinman Center and Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology hosted our fourth annual week of energy-focused events across campus. Our event lineup explored innovative pathways toward an energy transition, including designing a better built environment, electrifying the grid, emerging technologies such as hydrogen and direct air capture, and discussions about energy justice and women in the energy sector.

Explore the event recordings and learn about the great work underway at Penn.

Kleinman Center Events:

Virtual screen: Growing Climate Resilience: Regenerative Agriculture at University Demonstration Farms

Regenerative Agriculture at University Demonstration Farms

A discussion delving into how participatory agriculture research centers can foster collaboration among farmers, animal and climate scientists, veterinarians, and policymakers.

Dean Raymond Atuguba of the University of Ghana Law School.

Human Rights and Climate-Driven Migration: A Conversation with Dean Atuguba

A fireside chat exploring the intersection of human rights, climate change, and immigration in the global south.

Accelerating to Net Zero: Fueling the Clean Energy Transition

Anna Siefken, deputy director of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) in the U.S. Department of Energy, shares her expertise and insight.

Alina Ho presents at the Energy Week Lightning Talks

Energy Week Lightning Talks

Hear presentations on energy research from Penn graduate and undergraduate students from across campus.

Danny Cullenward presents at the Kleinman Center lectern

Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector: Policy Oversight

Explore the mechanisms of policy intervention as Senior Fellow Danny Cullenward discusses an evidence-based strategy for implementing green industrial policy.

Alumni panel in the Kleinman Center forum

Careers in the Energy Sector: Energy Week Alumni Panel

Accomplished alumni working in the field of energy share insights for preparing for a successful entrance into the energy sector.

A Conversation with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

A conversation with climate and environmental champion Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

Partner Events:

Electrify Everything?

Can our whole power system run on renewable electricity? And are there sectors that are perhaps harder to electrify, such as heating, industrial processes, and aviation? And what is the role for alternative fuels, such as hydrogen? A panel discusses.

Penn Green Labs Program

A conversation with Alisha Watson, Penn’s new Sustainable Labs Manager, where she shares resources available to labs at Penn through the Green Labs program to lower their environmental impact.

Energy Futures: Tools for Designers in Changing Climates And Uncertain Futures

How does one design buildings, cities, and landscapes in increasingly uncertain times? Jamie Vanucchi, associate professor at Cornell University in the Department of Landscape Architecture, discusses approaches to managing the unknown.