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Beginning to End the Climate Crisis: A Discussion with Climate Activists

A discussion about debunking myths around climate change, discussing system and structural changes needed for human action, and how climate activists have used their platforms and actions to mobilize youth activists and the youth climate movement.

Panel of Women in Sustainable Industries

Hear from the experiences of women working in sustainable industries and learn about career paths in renewable energy.

What is ESG? Why It Matters and Why You Should Pay Attention

ESG—short for Environmental, Social and Governance—is all the buzz in the business and investment worlds. But what exactly is ESG?

Providing Sustainable Electricity to Urban Informal Settlements of the Global South

Explore how to marry the concerns of sustainability and steady electricity provision in informal urban settlements.

The Transatlantic Energy Landscape—One Year After Russia’s Invasion

Two panels look at Russia's strategy of wartime energy weaponization through the lens of its long-term trend of using energy as a weapon.

Climate Change, Disruption, and Health Equity

A panel of experts discusses how climate change and climate disasters impact health outcomes for different populations and exacerbates health inequities.


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