A Research Agenda for Tribology

Tribology—the science related to friction, wear, and lubrication—offers the potential for massive reductions in energy use by reducing friction (wasted energy) and wear (which leads to energy consumed to produce replacement materials and parts, as well as down-time of manufacturing and all other manners of economic activity). 

Through a research grant from ARPA-E, the Kleinman Center supports Professor Robert Carpick and Professor of Practice Andrew Jackson, from the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department (School of Engineering and Applied Science). Carpick and Jackson will identify, investigate, and quantify engineering advances with commercial potential in the field of tribology. The project will focus on identifying strategies with the optimal combination of energy savings and potential for commercial deployment in energy production, transportation, and conversion.

The Center will support identify policy and regulatory mechanisms to catalyze the adoption and deployment of friction-reduction technology.

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