Staff & Leadership

Sanya Carley

Faculty Co-Director

Bill Cohen

Center Coordinator

Cornelia Colijn

Executive Director

Mark Alan Hughes

Faculty Co-Director

Arwen Kozak

Research Associate

Thabo Lenneiye

Managing Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Fund

Angela Pachon

Research Director

Lindsey Samahon

Communications Director

Oscar Serpell

Associate Director of Academic Programming

Mollie Simon

Senior Communications Specialist

Andy Stone

Energy Policy Now Host and Producer

Kimberle Szczurowski

Financial Administrative Coordinator

Shelley Welton

Presidential Distinguished Professor

Jennifer Wilcox

Presidential Distinguished Professor
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Research Assistant
Kayla Main
Kleinman Center Research Assistant
Kayla Main is a Research Assistant at the Kleinman Center. Through the Kleinman Center, she also works with Energia, an international network supporting gender equity and sustainable energy progress, and their partners, such as Solar Sister.
Linda Wu
Sustainable Agriculture Fund Research Associate
Linda Wu is the Sustainable Agriculture Fund Research Associate. She is pursuing a dual degree in Wharton and in the College of Arts and Sciences. Wu was also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.