2022 Fall Student Blog Competition

Explore insights on a variety of topics from our fall 2022 student blog competition.

The below posts highlight the winners of our fall 2022 student blog competition. The insights explore personal stories—from literature that energizes climate action to family members who inspire sustainable living.

Competition Prompt:

The words and actions of a single person can have an enormous impact on the direction of the energy transition and our response to climate change. In a short blog, tell us about an individual who has been inspirational to you and has shaped your perspective on the future of energy. Your blog should characterize this individual’s leadership and should explain specifically how this person has influenced your perspective. You can write about a public servant, a business leader, an activist, a researcher/thought leader, or a friend or family member. If you choose to write about an individual who is not in the public eye when it comes to these topics, please seek their approval before submitting your blog.

First Place

To Dream… The Impossible (Energy Transition) Dream

Caroline Magdolen

How a work of science fiction highlights just how precarious our world is becoming and inspires optimism about our energy future.

Second Place

The Win-Win of Agricultural Solar Energy

Chris Quattro

A student reflects on why our renewable future needs people of all ages and backgrounds to act and use their resources, space, and platforms to enact change.

Third Place

The Dirty Cost of “Clean” Energy

Emma Glasser

How Thea Riofrancos changed a student’s perspective on a just energy future.

Honorable Mentions

Country Energy

Jon White

A look at the value that local foods can provide to a sustainable community and also an energy-constrained economy.