Lecture Kleinman Center Event

Prospects for the Global Oil & Gas Industry


Felipe Arbelaez
Regional President for Latin America, BP


Energy Forum at the Kleinman Center
220 S. 34th St.
Fisher Fine Arts Library, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Felipe Arbelaez, regional president for Latin America at BP, shares insights into the technological, economic, behavioral, and environmental trends in the oil and gas industry.

Event Summary

Rapid changes in the energy sector over the past few years are forcing the oil and gas industry to rethink its path forward. Close analysis of the main trends in supply and demand, technological disruption, productivity shifts, changing behavioral patterns, and increases in living standards highlight the challenges of fulfilling the world’s increasing energy demands while limiting environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

What are the policy options for governments and society to drive the right decisions and incentivize sustainable development? How can we manage the underlying uncertainty given shifting economic and technological conditions? How do we know which are the right bets? How are the large energy companies of the world to respond?

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Energy Challenges – 2035 and Beyond1

Felipe Arbelaez

Felipe Arbelaez

Regional President, BP Latin America
Felipe Arbelaez currently holds the position of Regional President Latin America, comprising all of BP’s upstream businesses and shareholdings in the countries of Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and Argentina.

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