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Lucy Corlett

Lucy Corlett is a research associate at the Kleinman Center. She assists with research and programming initiatives at Kleinman, working to support visiting scholars, students, and grant recipients.

Kimberle Szczurowski

Kimberle Szczurowski is the administrative assistant at the Kleinman Center. She keeps the Kleinman Center humming along, especially in the areas of scheduling, budgeting, and event planning.

Andy Stone

Andy Stone is producer and host of Energy Policy Now, the Kleinman Center’s podcast series. He previously worked in business planning with PJM Interconnection and was a senior energy reporter at Forbes Magazine.

Lindsey Samahon

Lindsey Samahon is the director of communications at the Kleinman Center. She develops new content, prepares research for publication, and serves as the center's press contact.

Oscar Serpell

Oscar Serpell oversees student engagement activities, new student programming, and alumni connections. He also participates in several key research projects at the center and also writes blog posts and policy digests on timely energy policy topics.

Mollie Simon

Mollie Simon is the communications coordinator at the Kleinman Center. She manages the center's social media accounts, drafts newsletters and announcements, writes and publishes content for our website, and regularly posts to our blog.

Bill Cohen

Bill Cohen is center coordinator at the Kleinman Center. He oversees the Kleinman Center's office needs, supervises public events, tracks the budget, and provides technical support across many platforms.

Cornelia Colijn

Cornelia Colijn is the executive director of the Kleinman Center. She envisions, plans, and manages all center programming, while building connections with students, faculty, and leaders in the energy industry.

Angela Pachon

Angela Pachon is the research director at the Kleinman Center. She oversees the research agenda, manages the research grants and the visitor scholar programs, and develops scholarship and research collaborations across campus and beyond.

Mark Alan Hughes

Mark Alan Hughes leads the Kleinman Center as founding faculty director and writes on topics ranging from deep decarbonization to the future of Philadelphia's energy landscape. He is also a professor of practice at the Weitzman School.