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AI and Climate Misinformation

Asheley Landrum, associate professor at Arizona State University explores AI and climate misinformation.

AI-Accelerated Assessments of Climate and Weather Risks

Explore how AI assessments impact evaluations of climate and weather data with NASA scientist Tapio Schneider.

Paternalistic Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Climate Change

Cass Sunstein of Harvard University will illustrate the potential for AI-driven choice engines through the examples of fuel-efficient motor vehicles, energy-efficient appliances, and other products that may mitigate climate change.

Energy Security In Europe: Now and in the Future

In this workshop, Senior Fellows Anna Mikulska and Benjamin Schmitt will brainstorming research ideas for a hybrid conference and potential publications on the topic of energy security in Europe.

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

David Rolnick explores opportunities and challenges in machine learning for climate action, from designing new electrocatalysts to monitoring biodiversity.

AI and Climate Data

Amy Braverman will consider the role of AI in addressing climate change through the lens of the most comprehensive data resource for understanding climatic change: satellite data.

Towards Environmentally Sustainable AI

Explore what is known about AI’s carbon footprint—and what technical and policy options might be available to reduce it.


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