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May 21, 2024 Will Latest Solar Trade Dispute Impact U.S. Solar Growth? Eric Wesoff Canary Media senior editor Eric Wesoff explains the latest in a history of solar PV trade disputes involving the U.S. and China, and what it could mean for the growth of solar power and domestic solar manufacturing.
May 7, 2024 California’s Solar Equity Challenge Severin Borenstein Kleinman Center Visiting Scholar Severin Borenstein discusses California’s struggle to balance residential solar growth with electricity rate equity.
November 21, 2023 Aligning Clean Energy Policy with Grid Reliability Kelli Joseph Recent electric grid emergencies highlight the need for better communication, and coordination, between energy policymakers and grid operators.
October 10, 2023 How Uruguay Went (Almost Completely) Fossil Fuel Free Ramón Méndez Galain, Noah Gallagher Shannon Ramón Méndez Galain, this year’s recipient of the Carnot Prize, reflects on leading Uruguay away from fossil fuels and toward a diverse electricity mix, approaching 100% renewables. And what the rest of the world might take from his country’s experience.
June 28, 2023 California’s Deepwater Wind Challenge Tim Fischer, Joe Rand California is set to present its strategic plan to scale an offshore wind power industry based on unconventional floating wind technology.
June 6, 2023 Pennsylvania Effort to Join RGGI Faces Legal, Political Peril Angela Pachon, Maya Domeshek A new report examines the economic and climate impacts of Pennsylvania joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, now stalled in court.
February 28, 2023 Scaling Private Finance for Global Solar Growth Laura Van Wie McGrory A working paper from WRI, the International Solar Alliance and Bloomberg Philanthropies examines the essential role of private finance in scaling solar power development.
October 26, 2022 What Impact Will the IRA Have on Consumer Energy Costs? Dallas Burtraw New research from Resources for the Future quantifies the Inflation Reduction Act’s expected impact on clean energy development, energy costs, and emissions.
September 27, 2022 Scaling Green Hydrogen for a Global Market Alicia Eastman Green hydrogen hubs are being developed in some of the world’s most remote locations, to serve growing clean energy demand in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
August 2, 2022 Can Clean Energy Deliver Energy Justice to Canada’s First Nations? Melina Miyowapan Laboucan-Massimo A prominent advocate for indigenous rights in Canada sees promise in clean energy.
July 19, 2022 Proposed FERC Rules Aim to Accelerate Grid Decarbonization Shelley Welton The United States’ electricity regulator has proposed two major electricity market reforms that could speed the pace of renewable energy development. 
June 21, 2022 Will Defense Production Act Spur Solar Supply Chain Development? Robert Scott An expert in international trade policy discusses the Biden Administration’s use of the Defense Production Act, and tariff restrictions, to build a competitive U.S. solar supply chain. 
November 30, 2021 U.S. Electricity Regulator Grapples with Barriers to a Clean Grid Marc Montalvo Who will pay for the electric grid of the future? The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission explores options to incentivize and finance a vast transmission network to support clean energy.
November 2, 2021 Massive Shift toward Solar Power Begins in Largest U.S. Electricity Market Mike Borgatti An unprecedented backlog of clean energy projects is in line to join PJM Interconnection, an electricity market serving one in five Americans.
July 27, 2021 Rare Earth Elements Pose Environmental, Economic Risks for Clean Energy Amy Chu, Oscar Serpell Rare earth elements are essential to many clean energy technologies, yet their production can bring severe environmental impacts. A new report grapples with rare earths’ environmental liabilities and efforts to diversify supply beyond China.


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Since the first season of our podcast series, Andy Stone has directed each episode of Energy Policy Now—defining topics, inviting guests, and leading informative conversations.


Andy Stone

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Andy Stone is producer and host of Energy Policy Now, the Kleinman Center’s podcast series. He previously worked in business planning with PJM Interconnection and was a senior energy reporter at Forbes Magazine.