Visiting Scholar


Shuchi Talati is an emerging climate technology and governance expert and the founder of The Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering (DSG), a global effort to elevate voices of climate vulnerable communities & nations in decision-making. She is also a co-chair of the Independent Advisory Committee to oversee SCoPEx, an effort to provide oversight for the potential outdoor solar geoengineering experiment proposed by Harvard University, and a 2022-2023 Kleinman Visiting Scholar. She most recently served as a Presidential Appointee in the Biden-Harris Administration as Chief of Staff of the Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management at the U.S. Department of Energy where she was focused on creating just and sustainable frameworks for carbon dioxide removal.

She was previously the Deputy Director of Policy at Carbon180 and the Fellow on geoengineering research governance at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Talati was an AAAS/AIP Congressional Science Fellow in the U.S. Senate and served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Obama. Talati earned a BS in environmental engineering from Northwestern University, an MA in climate and society from Columbia University, and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon in engineering and public policy.