Jariwala grew up in Mumbai, India, and received his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2010 and went on to pursue his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Jariwala made contributions to the study of charge transport and electronic applications of two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors and pioneering the study of gate-tunable, mixed-dimensional, van der Waals heterostructures at Northwestern. After finishing his Ph.D. in August 2015, Deep joined Caltech as a Resnick Prize Postdoctoral Fellow with the goal of investigating strategies for enhancing light-matter interactions in 2D systems for efficient, ultra-thin, opto-electronic devices. Deep’s research lies at the intersection of solid-state opto-electronics and emerging low-dimensional materials. Specifically, he combines new techniques to assemble, grow and integrate nanostructured materials, including molecular materials with state-of-the-art nano-fabrication methods to create novel electronic and photonic devices. He uses spatially and spectrally resolved current and photon spectroscopy as well as scanning probe techniques to understand charge and energy transport mechanisms across atomically-abrupt and hybrid interfaces that lie at the core of modern semiconductor opto-electronics.