Fall Student Blog Competition Series

Explore insights on a variety of topics from our fall 2020 student blog competition.

The below posts highlight the winners of our fall 2020 student blog competition. The insights tackle topics from carbon tariffs, to kelp-based biofuels, to carbon-zero real estate.

First Place

A shipping vessel docked

International Climate Cooperation Might Require Carbon Tariffs

Daniel Remler

How can President Biden incentivize other nations to act on climate? A solution may be carbon tariffs.

Second Place

Selective focus of ammonia solution or ammonium hydroxide in glass amber bottle inside a chemistry laboratory with copy space.

Ammonia, the Up-and-Coming Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Maxwell Pisciotta

Renewable energy alone cannot provide continuous power. Energy storage is needed to ensure this energy does not go to waste and meet demand. What if ammonia—a common household cleaner— is the answer?

Third Place

Ocean Rainforest’s Faroe Islands seaweed farming operations.

Kelp to Biofuel and Beyond for Mitigating Climate Change

Sage Basri

We look to seaweed for carbon sequestration, biofuel, and more, as atmospheric and oceanic carbon dioxide levels continue to climb. Macroalgae agriculture could be a key tool in fighting climate change.


Glass globe in the in nature concept for environment and conservation

Green Energy & National Security: A Fresh Perspective

Moiz Jehangir

The threat of a global environmental catastrophe has not compelled the United States into meaningful environmental action. Perhaps fear of the American decline will.

A floating offshore wind turbine.

Decarbonizing the Energy Sector with Fossil Fuel Technology

Cabir Kansupada

Billions of dollars have poured into clean energy technology, and the industry has seen fantastic results. Technologies already developed by the fossil fuel industry have the potential to solve some of renewable energy’s remaining big problems.

Engineer manual workers standing in a aluminum mill and working together. used professional equipment. Manual workers cooperating while measuring a electronic.

A Clean Energy Transition for Workers and Communities

Erin Kelly

How can the shift to clean energy also address the needs of the millions of fossil fuel workers whose livelihoods are at odds with the energy transition?

Aerial view of residential houses at autumn (october). American neighborhood, suburb. Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunny morning, sunlight, from above

A More Effective Approach to Carbon-Zero Real Estate

Stephen Rothstein

Regulation may not be enough for the real estate sector to address its carbon impact. Investments by real estate owners in climate research and development and technology can help bridge the gap.