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Grid Reliability through Clean Energy

Hybrid Event


Shelley Welton
Associate Professor of Law, University of South Carolina


Mark Alan Hughes
Founding Faculty Director, Kleinman Center for Energy Policy


Kleinman Energy Forum
Fisher Fine Arts Library
220 S 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

This live event is also available on Zoom. 

Incoming Kleinman Center faculty member Shelley Welton explains why energy governance reform is the key to achieving the dual imperatives of clean energy and grid reliability.

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Event Summary

Energy policy is at a critical turning point. We must rapidly transition to clean energy but also, as recent high-profile power failures demonstrate, ensure the reliability of an increasingly vulnerable electricity grid. Continuing to rely on fossil fuels to avoid system outages will only exacerbate reliability challenges by contributing to more extreme climate-related weather events.

Shelley Welton, who officially joins Penn’s faculty in the fall as our Presidential Distinguished Professor of Law and Energy Policy, explains how the perceived tension between clean energy and reliability is a failure of law and governance that results from a siloed approach to regulating the U.S. electric grid. She asserts that the path forward must include energy law reform that addresses the dual objectives of lowering carbon emissions and ensuring grid reliability.

Please note this is a hybrid event. We look forward to welcoming guests back to the Kleinman Center’s Energy Forum. In accordance with the University of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 guidelines, if you are joining in person you will be required to wear a mask and present a green PennOpen Pass (for members of the Penn community) or PennOpen Campus pass (for visitors) to attend. Further details for joining in-person or virtually will be emailed with your registration. Boxed lunches will be available to go following the event!

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Grid Reliability through Clean Energy

Shelley Welton


Shelley Welton

Presidential Distinguished Professor
Shelley Welton is a Presidential Distinguished Professor of Law and Energy Policy with the Kleinman Center and Penn Carey Law. Her research focuses on how climate change is transforming energy and environmental law and governance.

Mark Alan Hughes

Faculty Co-Director
Mark Alan Hughes leads the Kleinman Center as faculty co-director and writes on topics ranging from deep decarbonization to the future of Philadelphia’s energy landscape. He is also a professor of practice at the Weitzman School.