Lecture Kleinman Center Event

Electrify (Almost) Everything! Tackling Climate Change with Clean Electricity


David Roberts
Energy & Climate Writer, Vox


Mark Hughes
Founding Faculty Director, Kleinman Center for Energy Policy


Kleinman Center for Energy Policy
220 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia , PA 19104

Event Summary

To adequately address climate change, the United States must effectively eliminate carbon emissions from its economy. It’s a complicated undertaking, but in the short term, the most promising strategy is simple. It has two parts: one, move to zero-carbon sources of electricity; two, shift as much energy use as possible, especially transportation and heating, onto the grid. In other words: electrify everything! It’s all the rage in climate circles, but in practice, it faces some daunting hurdles.

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Electrify everything!

David Roberts


David Roberts

Energy and Climate Writer, Vox
David Roberts is an energy and environmental writer with Vox and a former senior fellow at the Kleinman Center.