Attack on PJM Markets Exhibits Zombie-Like Resilience

Posted by Christina Simeone

After being rebuked by FERC and in the run up to bankruptcy declaration, FirstEnergy's generation arm appeals to DOE to use emergency authority to grant subsidies to all coal and nuclear generators in PJM.


The (Yet?) Non-existent Pipeline that Already Divides Europe

Posted by Anna Mikulska

Nord Stream 2 unearthed important issues that divide “old and new Europe.” While it could become an opportunity to “work out” the differences, it has become a political lightning rod that can significantly weaken the EU.


Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Are Bad for Consumers, Climate, and Public Health

Posted by Mollie Simon

The Trump Administration announced the rollback of 2012 Obama-era fuel efficiency standards for vehicles citing concerns about vehicle safety, technology lapses, and the unpopularity of electric and cleaner cars.  


FERC Clean Energy Policy Roundup

Posted by Christina Simeone

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has recently taken a host of actions related to clean energy. Here is a run down, with a focus on PJM Interconnection.


5 Ways to Power Down

Posted by Mollie Simon

Did you know that the average member of the Penn community consumes over 15,000 kWh of energy in a given calendar year? Energy conservation saves energy, money, and emissions. 


Independent Monitor’s View of PJM Markets

Posted by Christina Simeone

On March 8, Monitoring Analytics, the independent market monitor for PJM Interconnection, released its 2017 "State of the Market" report. Here's a summary of some of its key findings.


Gazprom’s Toughest Competitors May Be from… Russia

Posted by Anna Mikulska

As the natural gas market rapidly globalizes, Gazprom must fend off competition from abroad. But the Russian energy giant also faces significant challenges at home.  


Assessing Competitiveness of Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Posted by Christina Simeone

Recently, Philadelphia Energy Solutions asserted its refinery complex is not antiquated, but “state of the art.” Let's explore that claim with some real data.


New FERC Rule Grows Clean Energy's Role in Grid Resilience

Posted by Thomas Lee

What does last week's ruling on primary frequency response mean for grid resilience and clean energy? And what limitations exist under this new rule?


Part 4: The Speculative Future of Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Posted by Christina Simeone

Philadelphia Energy Solutions forecasts a rosy picture following a Chapter 11 reorganization. But the refinery still faces some fundamental challenges.


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