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Madrid Climate Conference Failed, but Silver Lining Exists

Andy Stone
The climate change conference has been widely panned as a failure. While there is very real cause for concern, it’s worth taking a closer look at what negotiators did, and didn’t, accomplish to understand where the global effort to slow global warming stands.
COP 25 logo. Source: Wikipedia

Deck the Halls with Efficient Energy and Climate Conscious Shopping

Mollie Simon
A few small changes this holiday season can have a positive impact on your energy use and climate footprint.
A house decorated with christmas lights

Saudi Aramco: A Big Bet on Big Oil

Oscar Serpell
At a time when the world urgently needs to divest from fossil fuels, does the world’s largest company reveal where investor loyalty really lies?
Saudi Aramco oil tank. Source: Saudi Aramco

Building More Energy Storage Means Building the Right Incentives

Girish Sankar
The falling costs and increasing capacity of lithium-ion battery technology have given rise to a proliferation of grid level energy storage. As prices continue to drop for batteries and other storage technologies, there is a need to create smart ways to pay for their installation and operation.
Room filled with multiple batteries

Can the Airline Industry Survive Climate Change?

Andy Stone
Commercial airliners pump out 2.5 percent of total global warming gasses and emissions are expected to triple over the coming 20 years. How will the airline industry address its climate impact?
Large commercial jetliner taking off

What’s Behind Poland’s Opposition to EU Climate Neutrality Agreement

Anna Mikulska
EU leaders have endorsed climate neutrality by 2050 but Poland remained opposed and was granted an exemption, citing mostly economic concerns in a country dominated by coal. Explore the politics behind Poland's opposition. 
Aerial view of coal extraction

With COP25 in Full Swing, a Look at Chile’s Energy Transition

Mary Lim
Through her Kleinman-Birol fellowship at the International Energy Agency, Mary Lim looked closely at Chile’s energy policies and objectives. With COP25 underway, explore how the host country is doing when it comes to their own climate targets.
Chilean flag with solar panels

This Energy Transition Is Different. Here’s Why

Andy Stone
Despite arguments to the contrary, we have to the tools at hand to get the job of energy transition done.
Two workers walk through a solar field

A Carbon Tax Won’t Kill the Economy

Andy Stone
Could the U.S. introduce a national carbon tax? A variety of carbon pricing legislation has been proposed but due to partisanship none are likely to come to fruition. 
Carbon dioxide price tags

Energy Week: Connecting Energy Science with Energy Policy

Mollie Simon
Energy Week at Penn highlights the impressive energy research at Penn and demonstrates how the brightest minds can pull together to join science and policy to solve complex issues and navigate an uncertain future.
The Energy Week Launch at the Kleinman Center Forum


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