The Distribution Grid Gap on Cybersecurity

Posted by Christina Simeone

As national debate over grid resilience and security drills down on saving at-risk generation units, the regulatory gap on cybersecurity protections at the distribution grid level allows for a target-rich environment that could reach the bulk power system. 


Renewable Energy in the Land of Fire and Ice

Posted by Student Blogger: Greg Robinov

Despite boasting a population of merely 334,000 residents, Iceland has quickly positioned itself as a world leader in renewable energy production. Iceland utilizes its unique topography and geology to generate upwards of 90% of its electricity from renewables.


China’s Renewable Energy Curtailment Challenge

Posted by Student Blogger: Yu ‘Vera’ Tian

China’s ambitious solar and wind projects are shining stars in the country's clean energy efforts, but delivering that energy isn’t always easy.


5 Findings from Dealership Survey on EV Sales

Posted by Student Blogger: Gabe Elsner

In states with electric vehicle sales mandates, automakers must deliver a minimum number of EVs, and dealers must sell them. How are dealers responding to this EV push?


Carbon Dioxide Hits Record High

Posted by Mollie Simon

This April marked a depressing milestone: the first time in recorded history that carbon dioxide concentration exceeded 410 parts per million.


Boosting EV Demand Is Vital to Meeting Sales Mandates

Posted by Student Blogger: Gabe Elsner

Automakers and dealerships are under pressure to sell more electric cars. Meeting the EV sales mandate regulations will require targeted education and resources to help consumers understand the benefits of making the switch.


Too Soft on Aviation

Posted by Student Blogger: Benjamin Paren

UN’s CORSIA and Vision for the Future of aircraft emissions won’t do enough to decrease global warming.


Attack on PJM Markets Exhibits Zombie-Like Resilience

Posted by Christina Simeone

After being rebuked by FERC and in the run up to bankruptcy declaration, FirstEnergy's generation arm appeals to DOE to use emergency authority to grant subsidies to all coal and nuclear generators in PJM.


The (Yet?) Non-existent Pipeline that Already Divides Europe

Posted by Anna Mikulska

Nord Stream 2 unearthed important issues that divide “old and new Europe.” While it could become an opportunity to “work out” the differences, it has become a political lightning rod that can significantly weaken the EU.


Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Are Bad for Consumers, Climate, and Public Health

Posted by Mollie Simon

The Trump Administration announced the rollback of 2012 Obama-era fuel efficiency standards for vehicles citing concerns about vehicle safety, technology lapses, and the unpopularity of electric and cleaner cars.  


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