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Sale Of Largest East Coast Refinery Closes With Last Minute Drama

Andy Stone
Philadelphians hope that the new owner of the former PES Refinery, Hilco, will make good on its promise to repurpose the site as a logistic hub.
Arial image of PES Refinery

UN Pushes Decarbonization Plans As COVID Recovery Tool

Andy Stone
Addressing the COVID crisis and climate change shouldn’t be viewed as an either/or proposition. As countries intensify their climate commitments they can simultaneously put in place tools for post-COVID economic recovery.
Stage of speakers at COP25

It’s Time to Rethink Flood Insurance

Brian Lee
The National Flood Insurance Program should actively help reduce aggregate flood risk in the United States by facilitating voluntary buyouts and managed retreats.
An aerial image of flooding homes

Decreased Fuel Economy Standards: A Threat to EVs?

Eric Knorr
How Trump's rollbacks on fuel standards weaken the value proposition of electric vehicles.
Electric vehicle is plugged into a charger

Reflections on the Anniversary of the PES Refinery Explosion

Oscar Serpell
One year ago, Philadelphia was rocked by an explosion at the PES refinery. On the anniversary, we consider the local risks inherent in our energy system and the inequity that often accompanies it.
the PES Refinery with a fire and smoke

The Green New Deal Is the Solution to the Jobs Issue

Emma Glasser
The Green New Deal allows us to mitigate and adapt to climate change, create millions of good jobs, and ensure no one is left behind.
A poster that says "Decade of the Green New Deal" and "Leave no one behind"

Urban Resiliency in the Time of COVID

Oscar Serpell
By utilizing tools like mode shifts, investment in public spaces, and energy savings, cities can emerge from the COVID crisis more resilient than before.
Sunset over Denver cityscape, aerial view from the park

Trump’s Plan to Plant Trees Disregards Mature Forests’ Role in Carbon Sequestration

Rachel Zaff
Though Trump recently pledged to join the WEF’s Trillion Trees initiative, his attempts to lift protections on U.S. forests undermine the initiative's goal of climate change mitigation.
Tongass National Forest, Alaska

New U.S. Sanctions for Nord Stream 2? What’s At Stake

Anna Mikulska & Paweł Jakubowski
What effect will U.S. sanctions and new EU gas market regulation have on the Russian natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2?
Russian sanctions flag over a map of Russia

Waste Gasification: How Old Technology Can Solve a Modern Problem

Matthew Fouts
In the face of rising waste production and demand for clean energy, gasification could present a promising waste-to-energy solution.
Industrial machinery with sunset in background


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