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How to Combat the Corona-Recession and Climate Change

Arthur van Benthem & Gustav Engström & Johan Gars & Niko Jaakkola & Therese Lindahl & Daniel Spiro
Many countries are now initiating massive recovery packages to manage the economic consequences of the pandemic. It has been argued that these stimulus packages should be used to address our most important long-term crisis – climate change. In a new research paper, the authors present measures that would be beneficial from both the pandemic and climate perspective.
Mask on top of money

Climate Change is Challenging Our Mastery of Heat

Oscar Serpell
The planet is warming, yet we continue to burn fossil fuels to produce even more heat. Rather than simply generate new heat, climate adaptation requires us to move, store, and concentrate existing heat.
Steel foundry pours molten steel

Carbon Tax Border Adjustments: Good Politics, Bad for Consumers?

Andy Stone
There has been a lot of recent attention paid to carbon border adjustments. But they can be a zero-sum game if not carefully designed.
Shipping container with cargo

Renewable Hydrogen: The Future of Storage and Fuel of the Future?

Joshua Anumolu
Storage still remains a challenge for renewable energy. Creating renewable hydrogen—through electrolysis—could be the answer.
Artistic rendering of a hydrogen storage unit

Trump Rollbacks of Energy Regulations Won’t Survive a New Administration

Andy Stone
President Trump has gone to great lengths to undo the regulatory protections put in place by his predecessor but will these rollbacks hold up? 
Donald trump speaks at a podium

Water’s Rising Energy Intensity May Alter Landscapes in San Diego

Zachary Whitlock
For water-stressed regions like San Diego, water and energy are deeply interrelated commodities. Not only is water used in virtually all phases of energy production and generation, but water extraction and delivery can also be staggeringly energy-intensive.
Arial view of water treatment center

Making the Most of Low Prices: A Short Guide for Natural Gas Importers

Anna Mikulska & Wojciech Jakóbik
Under the global pandemic, prices of natural gas have fallen. Post-COVID-19 recovery should increase the demand, but a soft market is expected to continue—providing an unprecedented opportunity for natural gas importers.
An LNG tanker at sea

June Developments Point to Inevitability of National Carbon Price

Andy Stone
The relevant question in America today is not whether a carbon price will be enacted, but when.
Coal pile in front of a wind turbine

Sale of Largest East Coast Refinery Closes with Last-Minute Drama

Andy Stone
Philadelphians hope that the new owner of the former PES Refinery, Hilco, will make good on its promise to repurpose the site as a logistics hub.
Arial image of PES Refinery

UN Pushes Decarbonization Plans as COVID Recovery Tool

Andy Stone
Addressing the COVID crisis and climate change shouldn’t be viewed as an either/or proposition. As countries intensify their climate commitments they can simultaneously put in place tools for post-COVID economic recovery.
Stage of speakers at COP25


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