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Derek He

Derek He a sophomore in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, studying computer science and business. He is the 2023 Kleinman Apollo Fellow.

Naimat Chopra

Naimat Chopra is pursuing a master’s degree in social policy and data analytics at the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2). She is the 2022 Kleinman Energia Fellow

Walter Johnsen

Walter Johnsen is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the department of chemistry and the 2022 Kleinman Philadelphia Energy Authority Fellow. He is also a member of the Kleinman Center's Student Advisory Council.

Jacob Hyppolite

Jacob Hyppolite is a first-year Master of Environmental Studies student at the School of Arts & Sciences and the 2022 Kleinman Birol Fellow.

Gabriela Garity

Gabriela Garity is a student in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business. Garity is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.

Ahmed Abdellah

Ahmed Abdellah is a freshman studying in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) program. Abdellah is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.

Michal Wyrebkowski

Michal Wyrebkowski is a first-year student from Poland who intends to major in Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences. Wyrebkowski is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.

Alina Ho

Alina Ho is an undergraduate student studying systems science and engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Ho is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow and a Kleinman Center Student Advisory Council Member.

Alisa Reiner

Alisa Reiner is an undergraduate student majoring in International Relations and minoring in Sustainability and Environmental Management. Reiner is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.

Aditi Chintapalli

Aditi Chintapalli is an undergraduate in the school of engineering studying mechanical engineering with a minor in geology. Chintapalli is also a 2022 Undergraduate Student Fellow.


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