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As the U.S. Falters on Paris Agreement, Ethiopia Sees Opportunity in Renewables

Posted by Oscar Serpell

Donald Trump’s June 1st decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate agreement was widely denounced by world leaders, scientists, and advocates around the world as ill-informed. Many believe the decision will significantly jeopardize our ability to succeed in this global effort to limit the planetary...


If It Sounds Too Good to be True, It Probably Is

Posted by John Quigley

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I quoted that old saying three years ago in raising come cautionary flags about a provocative claim that the United States, and each of its member states, could get all of their energy from renewables by 2055. That proposition has since gained a life of its own.  It...


How Exxon Thinks About Climate Change

Posted by Mollie Simon

Although a carbon tax may seem like an impossibility given our current political climate, private companies have long been preparing to put a price on carbon. Wanting to plan for something that they see as a future inevitability, big oil companies have been building in carbon pricing to their financial models for...


Knowing the Unknowable: Benefits and Drawbacks to Agent-Based and Equation-Based Modeling

Posted by Oscar Serpell

Edward Lorenz’s famous hypothetical scenario of a butterfly flapping its wings and somehow, weeks later, causing a tornado hundreds of miles away, illustrates the chaotic and uncertain future outcomes of seemingly inconsequential behaviors taken today. This complexity, and the resulting uncertainty of predicting the...


Power Grid on Alert After Two Cybersecurity Warnings Issued this Week

Posted by Christina Simeone

This week, two different cybersecurity warnings were issued in the U.S., flagging significant potential threats to the electricity grid. The first threat is ‘CrashOverride’, a malware program associated with Russia that was specifically designed and successfully used (outside the U.S.) to target electric power grid...


There is No Acceptable Alternative to Paris

Posted by Mark Alan Hughes

This was originally published by the Philadelphia Inquirer on June 15, 2017. Below is an identical version with full hyperlink citations.   We know that the Earth’s climate is changing and that humans are causing that change with the same degree of scientific confidence with which we know smoking causes lung cancer...


Lessons Learned: From Kyoto to Paris

Posted by Mollie Simon

Last week, after much anticipation, President Trump announced that the United States would be formally withdrawing from the Paris Accord. This announcement does not come as a surprise given President Trump’s negative comments about the agreement on the campaign trail and the fact that the Trump Administration has...


Leaving Paris, and Sanity: A Bad Deal for America and Future Generations

Posted by John Quigley

President Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, despite (to spite?), pretty much, the rest of the world. Only two countries declined to join the Paris Agreement: civil war-torn Syria, and Nicaragua. The latter boycotted the accord to protest what it saw as initial goals that...


Once in a Lifetime Investment Opportunity to Trigger More Baseload Retirements in PJM

Posted by Christina Simeone

Billions of dollars in new gas generation investments will trigger more baseload retirements in PJM. And no, it is not renewables driving these plants out of the market in the Mid-Atlantic. And yes, low-priced natural gas is driving the retirement trends.  But, it is more complicated than that.  Risk-taking investors...


Transparency, Capping Returns a Must for Nuclear Subsidies

Posted by Christina Simeone

Pennsylvania policymakers are contemplating new subsidies for existing nuclear power plants. Honestly, I could argue for or against these subsidies, but that is for another day. Here are some principles Pennsylvania lawmakers should keep in mind if they are interested in supporting nuclear power. Transparency on Plant...


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