SEAS Launches New Center

The Kleinman Center welcomes a new Penn center—the Center for Analyzing Evolved Structures as Optimized Products (AESOP). Under the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), AESOP was established in June, 2015 and is now in full swing. The center addresses the increasing need to conserve water, nutrients, and energy in diverse environments and circumstances.

AESOP is a joint initiative of SEAS, PennDesign, and the School of Arts and Sciences. In addition, it has planned collaborations between Penn, Temple, Cornell, Northwestern, University of Pittsburgh, and Brigham Young. One signature project will be international exchange programs with South Korea, Costa Rica, and Palau, which will provide direct access to important biological samples and observations and will advance education across disciplines and borders. 

Through collaboration, AESOP aims to design, fabricate, and scale solutions to environmental stresses, and to find innovative solutions at the system level.

Learn more at the AESOP website