Can We Build to Last? Energy Retrofits, Housing Affordability, Household Welfare

This project serves as the evaluation of a pilot program in Philadelphia, called “Built to Last,” that aims to make critical investment in the housing quality and systems in thousands of units in Philadelphia. The goal of this program is to conduct deep home retrofits and add electrification and solar, such that the home repair and utility costs are affordable. The program aims to also increase the financial stability and resilience of the low-income household, reduce energy consumption, prevent involuntary displacement, stabilize households, and stabilize low-income communities.

This study measures the impacts of this program on housing stabilization, housing health; utility consumption and affordability; and job creation. The evaluation surveys both those households enrolled in the pilot, as well as those on the waiting list, across these areas. The evaluation also accesses detailed property information, including data on utility consumption and costs.

Vincent Reina

Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning
Vincent Reina is an assistant professor of city and regional planning at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design.