Renewable Energy 101 Recap

The Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group (WUEG) hosted Professor Arthur van Benthem on October 20 as part of its Energy 101 lecture series. Professor van Benthem discussed renewable energy and gave insight into the competitiveness of and policy landscape surrounding solar and wind power. 

His lecture, followed by a short Q&A, highlighted four key policies that would shape the future of renewable energy:

·         The renewable energy investment tax credit

·         The EPA’s Clean Power Plan

·         Individual states’ renewable energy portfolio standards

·         Net Metering

Professor van Benthem has written for the Kleinman Center on fuel-economy standards and teaches Environmental & Energy Economics & Policy (BEPP 263) and Energy Markets & Policy (BEPP763) at the Wharton School.

The next WUEG Energy 101 lecture is Tuesday, 10/27 in Huntsman Hall G50 at 7 PM. The topic, presented by MEAM senior Sasha Klebnikov, is Nuclear Energy. Learn more at