New Student Fellows Program and Seminar

Apply now for our new spring semester undergraduate Student Fellows program—focused on climate and energy policy. This program is designed as a competitive and selective appointment for committed undergraduates. Admitted students will be expected to attend a lunchtime seminar every other week at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. These energy and climate policy seminar sessions will provide students with the opportunity to meet and hear from energy researchers within the Penn community and discuss the findings and policy implications of their research. The lectures and discussions in this seminar may cover a wide range of energy and climate topics including:

  • Energy Markets
  • Renewable energy, storage, and transportation technology
  • Climate Science,
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Adaptive Design
  • Environmental Justice.

Although these seminar discussions will be designed to challenge students to think critically, they will not require students to have pre-existing expertise on these topics.  

Application deadline: November 25

More Information and How to Apply