Policy Office and Energy Office Intern

Position Details

Organization: PA Department of Environmental Protection Location: Pennsylvania
Type: Internship Timeframe: Summer Compensation: Paid
Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 Contact Information: Jessica Shirley, Policy Directorjesshirley@pa.gov

The intern(s) will provide research, policy, scientific and technical support to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Policy Office and Energy Office staff relative to the development of PA’s Solar Future and the Department’s Climate Change Action Plan programs. Additionally, the intern will assist in gathering information on policies and data specific to the commonwealth’s energy usage, data collection relative to fuels usage and assistance in developing awareness on these topics.

This activity benefits DEP by supplementing technical and policy staff endeavors and ensuring the timely delivery of required work products.  The intern’s academic development in the areas of energy policy, technical writing, improving the environment, and practical computer skills would be improved through this internship.

The Intern position will place emphasis on promoting sustainable government operations by assisting with data collection and analysis, policy development, and design of plans to enhance and increase the quantity and deployment rates of Solar and Renewable Energy systems and to improve upon plans to effectively reduce Climate Impacts from GHG emissions to the Commonwealth.


  • Assist with updating the PADEP’s Climate Change Action Plan, researching information for relevance and capturing the most up to date data, news and sustainable technologies. Special emphasis will be placed on items and issues related to reducing energy consumption, energy conservation, energy efficiency and reducing Green House Gasses.
  •  Assist in further developing the PA Solar Futures Project and developing a collaborative approach to increasing the types and quantities of solar energy deployment in PA.
  • Work with Energy and Policy staff to further the Commonwealth’s Green House Gas Reduction Strategy by assisting in the development of a commonwealth-wide energy usage database and assist in the collection of existing data for the development of baseline information.
  •  Assist Energy and Policy personnel through inclusion of the Department’s State Energy Program and related plans, programs, grants and other initiatives into Pennsylvania’s Climate Change Action Plan.
  • Assist Energy and Policy personnel in collaborating with internal and external staff and working groups to continue the process of improving and enhancing PA’s plans to reduce environmental impacts through the development of climate mitigation strategies, increased solar and renewable energy system deployment and other related program and initiatives.

**This opportunity is only open to students of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Application Instructions

Please email resumes and cover letters to Abbey Cadden acadden@pa.gov by March 1st.

If offered a position by the host organization, please submit a request through the Student Grants webform in order to receive funding.