Engineering Ethics Curriculum Development Scholars: Teaching Assistants

Position Details

Organization: Penn Engineering Location: Philadelphia
Type: Job Compensation: Paid Level: Graduate
Contact Information: Brit

The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is starting a pilot program to train and hire Engineering Ethics Curriculum Development Scholars as Teaching Assistants to create innovative course content focused on ethics to be integrated into core SEAS courses. As a proof of concept, 2 engineering ethics curriculum development scholars will be hired as TAs during the spring 2020 semester (for curriculum development) and the fall 2020 semester (for curriculum implementation and assessment).

Each TA will be trained in engineering ethics pedagogy and then paired with the instructor of a pilot course for curriculum development, implementation and assessment. The total estimated work per TA is 30 hours total (~5/week) during the remainder of the spring 2020 semester (training and curriculum development) and 10 hours total during the fall 2020 semester (implementation and assessment). The pay rate will be at the standard SEAS hourly rate of $15/hour. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to apply.

Course Content: For the pilot program, the two courses will focus on (a) bioengineering and (b) environmental sustainability. Scholars with interest in either of those areas are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions

Interested candidates should apply for the position by sending a cover letter and CV to Brit Shields, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering & Applied Science at Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The cover letter should indicate the applicant’s areas of academic expertise, prior teaching experience, and interest in engineering ethics pedagogy.