Faculty Research Grants

SUPPORTING ACADEMIC RESEARCH AT PENN. Our competitive grants program draws proposals from Penn scholars across schools and disciplines. Our goal is to create the collegial and productive conditions under which energy-related research at Penn can flourish and better inform policy decisions.


Call for Grants

Our 2016-2017 call for grants closed on September 30.

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About Our Grants

Each fall, the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy seeks requests for support from Penn faculty and doctoral students on topics that leverage existing Penn research and support the advancement of the Center’s mission.

We award grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 for a flexible set of purposes and often to supplement existing research funding. Last year, we awarded six grants to faculty from the schools of Engineering, Design, Arts and Sciences, and Wharton. The total for all grants was $70,000.

In addition to supporting primary research, we welcome proposals that translate and apply existing research and expertise on energy policy topics for a broader audience of non-specialists across disciplines—to raise the importance of energy issues among thought leaders and the public.



Penn faculty, postdocs, or Ph.D. students can apply for these grants. 



Each grantee will prepare a short policy digest of the project for the general public, outlining the problem statement, policy implications and summarizing results, no later than August 30, 2017.  This digest will be posted on our website.  The grantee will also provide links to any working papers, publications, conference presentations, etc. resulting from this supported research. Those links will posted on our website. All peer reviewed publications resulting from this research will acknowledge Kleinman Center support.


2015-2016 Funded Projects

The following research projects received Kleinman grants in 2015-2016. Click on a title for a full description of each project.

The Future of Aviation Policy

Author: Dr. Megan Ryerson

Solar Energy Powered Water Purification System in Rwanda

Author: Dr. Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles

Lighting Dark Corners: Improving Light Efficiency with Kirigami

Author: Dr. Randall Kamien

Global Infrastructure Project Research Network

Author: Dr. Witold Henisz

* For a complete list of Kleinman-funded research, visit Research Projects.