The Promise of Energy Storage in the PJM Footprint


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Kleinman Center for Energy Policy Forum
220 S. 34th St.
19104 Philadelphia , PA
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Contact Information
  • Dr. J. Arnold Quinn
    Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation
  • Carla Peterman
    California PUC Commissioner
  • Adam Keech
    Executive Director of Market Operations
  • Bud Collins
    NEC Energy Solutions
  • Kate Burson
    Director Northeast Market Development
  • Kelly Warner
    Advanced Microgrid Solutions
  • Phil Giudice
    President and CEO
    Ambri Inc.
  • Kiran Kumaraswamy
    Director Market Development
    AES Energy Storage

The Promise of Energy Storage in the PJM Footprint

Presented by Raab Associates 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Roundtable 1:00 PM - 4:45 PM 
Networking reception 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Optional Pre-Roundtable Tour 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM
ridSTAR Smart Grid Experience Center, Philadelphia Navy Yard

A number of factors - FERC's recent NOPR on electricity storage, some states' implementation of storage targets, and the combined impact of technological innovation and declining prices beg the question, 'Is storage poised to unleash a plethora of benefits to customers, the grid, and society?' 

The first panel, Energy Storage: Federal/State Policy and Market Design, kicks off with Dr. J. Arnold Quinn, Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation at FERC, who will discuss FERC's recent notice of proposed rule-making (NOPR) requiring all RTOs, including PJM, to explore ways to better incorporate electric storage and distributed energy resource aggregations into all wholesale markets (energy, capacity, and ancillary services). Attendees will then hear from California PUC Commissioner Carla Peterman, the lead at the Commission on energy storage issues. She will review the CA PUC's storage policies/targets and utility programs that have put California head-and-shoulders above other states on storage deployment to date. Finally, Adam Keech, Executive Director of Market Operations at PJM, will discuss the lessons that PJM is learning from the robust participation of energy storage to date in its regulation market and share PJM's initial thoughts about incorporating energy storage in energy and capacity markets. 

  • Dr. J. Arnold Quinn, FERC, Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation
  • Carla Peterman, California PUC Commissioner 
  • Adam Keech, PJM, Executive Director of Market Operations

The second panel, Use & Business Cases for Energy Storage, looks at a wide range of actual and planned storage projects with broad use cases, applications, and technologies, including back-stopping critical infrastructure; managing demand behind the meter; providing services in wholesale markets; and firming up renewables. The panel will discuss these projects' use and business cases and provide insights into the way policy and markets can evolve to better capture the multitude of storage benefits. The first-rate panel of national storage leaders, with experience in PJM as well as across the US and internationally, includes: 

  • Bud Collins, NEC Energy Solutions, CEO
  • Kate Burson, Tesla, Director Northeast Market Development
  • Kelly Warner, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, President
  • Phil Giudice, Ambri Inc., President and CEO
  • Kiran Kumaraswamy, AES Energy Storage, Director Market Development 

At the conclusion of the 2nd panel from 4:45 to 5:45, there will be a networking reception with beer, wine, and great food.  

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