Integrating State Public Policy Resources into Markets


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Kleinman Center for Energy Policy
220 S. 34th St. Fisher Fine Arts Building, 4th Floor
19104 Philadelphia , PA
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  • Cheryl LaFleur
    Acting Chairman
  • Gladys Brown
    Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
  • Asim Z. Haque
    Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
  • Richard Mroz
    New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
  • Kathleen Barrón
    Sr. VP, Competitive Market Policy
  • Peter Fuller
    VP Market & Regulatory Policy
  • Robert Stoddard
    Senior Consultant
  • Vincent Duane
    Senior VP & General Counsel

Energy Policy Roundtable in the PJM Footprint #6

Presented by Raab Associates 


There is a redoubled interest in this topic due to a flurry of recent state activity in the PJM Footprint, including: 1) Illinois's new law to provide zero energy credits for existing nuclear power plants; 2) Ohio's various cases related to state financial support for existing coal and nuclear plants; 3) Ongoing state support for aggressive energy efficiency and behind the meter solar that significantly reduce demand; and 4) State rules and policies related to utility-scale wind and solar. These state policies, for better or for worse, impact the smooth functioning of competitive wholesale energy and capacity markets. Market designs will therefore likely need to evolve to accommodate these state public policy resources while maintaining the integrity of well-functioning markets. 

PJM recently initiated a new Capacity Construct/Public Policy Senior Task Force to develop recommendations on these issues by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, FERC has initiated its own two-day technical conference in early May to discuss these issues specifically in PJM, NY, and New England.



9:30    Registration

10:00  Welcome—Dr. Jonathan Raab, Raab Associates, Ltd.

10:05  Keynote Address: FERC Perspective on Public Policy/Markets Integration

  • Acting Chairman Cheryl LaFleur, FERC

10:35  Key State Public Policies in the PJM Footprint

  • Chairman Gladys Brown, Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
  • Chairman Asim Z, Haque, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
  • President Richard Mroz, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

12:00  Networking Lunch (provided)

1:00    Stakeholder Proposed Approaches to Integration Into Markets

  • Kathleen Barrón, Sr. VP, Competitive Market Policy, Exelon
  • Peter Fuller, VP Market & Regulatory Policy, NRG
  • Robert Stoddard, Senior Consultant, CRA (for NextEra, CLF, Brookfield)
  • Vincent Duane, Senior VP & General Counsel, PJM

 2:30    Adjourn

***The Kleinman Center has a limited number of seats reserved for Penn colleagues and students.
If you are a member of the Penn community and interested in attending, please contact Bill Cohen: