Energy Courses

INTERESTED IN ENERGY POLICY? The Kleinman Center offers an extensive curriculum for graduate students through our Certificate in Energy Management and Policy. Below is a list of Penn courses that qualify for the Certificate Program including Kleinman Center sponsored courses: Introduction to Energy Policy and Topics in Energy Policy.


Titlesort descending School Department Course Code Topic
Advanced Transportation Seminar: Air Transportation Planning Weitzman School CPLN 750 Transportation Details
Designing with Risk Weitzman School LARP 780 General Details
Energy Engineering in Power Plants and Transportation Systems SEAS MEAM 502-001 Transportation Details
Energy Finance Wharton FNCE 256, 882 Finance Details
Energy Law and Climate Change PennLaw LAW 919 Policy Details
Energy Markets & Policy Wharton BEPP 763 Markets Details
Energy Storage & Technology, Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability SEAS MSE 545-001 Energy Conservation Details
Environmental Law PennLaw LAW 634 Policy Details
Ideas in Energy Policy Weitzman School ENMG 507 Policy Details
Introduction to Energy Policy Weitzman School ENMG 502-001 Policy Details
Introduction to Environmental Planning & Policy Weitzman School CPLN 531 Policy Details
Land Use Law PennLaw LAW 695 Policy Details
Oil and Gas Law PennLaw LAW 985 Energy Use Details
Policy and Design Seminar: Energy Port Cities Weitzman School ENMG 505 Transportation Details
Public Economics SAS GAFL 621 Economics Details
Public Finance and Public Policy SAS GAFL-514-001 Policy Details
Regulatory Law and Policy PennLaw LAW 931 Policy Details
Risk Analysis and Environmental Management Wharton BEPP 761 Management Details
Shale Oil and Gas: A Systems Analysis of Changing Energy Markets Weitzman School ENMG 506 Markets Details
Sustainable Cities Weitzman School CPLN 730 Engineering Details
Topics in Energy Policy: Emerging Ideas in Energy Weitzman School ENMG 503-003 Policy Details