Energy Courses

INTERESTED IN ENERGY POLICY? The Kleinman Center offers an extensive curriculum for graduate students through our Certificate in Energy Management and Policy. Below is a list of Penn courses that qualify for the Certificate Program including Kleinman Center sponsored courses: Introduction to Energy Policy and Topics in Energy Policy.


Title School Department Course Code Topic
Advanced Transportation Seminar: Air Transportation Planning Weitzman CPLN 750 Transportation Details
Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation SEAS ESE 520 Management Details
Cities and Sustainability SAS URBS 417 Sustainability Details
Climate Policy and Technology SEAS EAS 505 Transportation Details
Developing Environmental Policy SAS ENVS 620 Policy Details
Electricity and Systems Markets SEAS EAS 506 Markets Details
Energy Engineering in Power Plants and Transportation Systems SEAS MEAM 502 Transportation Details
Energy Finance Wharton FNCE 756 Finance Details
Energy Law and Climate Change PennLaw LAW 919 Policy Details
Energy Markets & Policy Wharton BEPP 763 Markets Details
Energy Storage & Technology, Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability SEAS MSE 545 Energy Conservation Details
Energy Systems and Policy SEAS EAS 503 Policy Details
Energy, Waste, and the Environment SAS ENVS 644 Energy Use Details
Environmental Law PennLaw LAW 634 Policy Details
Environmental Management, Law and Policy Wharton LGST 815 Policy Details
Ideas in Energy Policy Weitzman ENMG 507 Policy Details
Introduction to Energy Policy Weitzman ENMG 502 Policy Details
Introduction to Environmental Planning & Policy Weitzman CPLN 531 Policy Details
Land Use Law PennLaw LAW 695 Policy Details
Oil and Gas Law PennLaw LAW 985 Energy Use Details
Public Economics SAS GAFL 621 Economics Details
Public Finance and Public Policy SAS GAFL 514 Policy Details
Regulatory Law and Policy PennLaw LAW 931 Policy Details
Risk Analysis and Environmental Management Wharton BEPP 761 Management Details
Risk Management Wharton BEPP 805 Markets Details
Sustainable Cities Weitzman CPLN 730 Engineering Details
Thinking with Models Wharton OIDD 325 Markets Details
Topics in Energy Policy: Emerging Ideas in Energy Weitzman ENMG 503 Policy Details
Topics in Theory and Design Weitzman LARP 780 General Details