Energy Courses

INTERESTED IN ENERGY POLICY? Penn offers an extensive curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. Below is a searchable list of Penn courses identified as energy related. Included are two new courses sponsored by the Kleinman Center: Introduction to Energy Policy and Topics in Energy Policy.


Title School Department Course Code Topic
Advanced Transportation Seminar: Air Transportation Planning PennDesign CPLN 750 Transportation Details
Cities and Sustainability SAS URBS 417 Policy Details
Climate Policy and Technology SEAS EAS 301 Policy Details
Current EPA Regulatory Practices and Future Directions SAS ENVS 631 Policy Details
Defining and Achieving Regulatory Excellence PennLaw LAW 974 Policy Details
Designing with Risk PennDesign LARP 780 General Details
Direct Energy Conversion: From Macro to Nano SEAS MEAM 503 Engineering Details
Dynamic Hub of the Americas: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development on the Isthmus of Panamao SAS ODYNM 781-001 Engineering Details
Earth Surface Processes SAS GEOL 545 Environment Details
Electrical Energy Storage Systems SEAS ESE 418 Engineering Details
Electricity Systems and Markets SEAS EAS 306 Electricity Details
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage SEAS CBE 545 Engineering Details
Elements of a Sustainable Development Policy PennDesign CPLN 678 Development Details
Energetics of Macro and Nanoscale Materials SEAS MSE 260 Engineering Details
Energy & Its Impacts SEAS EAS 401 Engineering Details
Energy Engineering SEAS MEAM 502 Engineering Details
Energy Engineering in Power Plants and Transportation Systems SEAS MEAM 502-001 Transportation Details
Energy Finance Wharton FNCE 256, 882 Finance Details
Energy Geopolitics in Eurasia SAS ENVS 645-660 Policy Details
Energy in America SAS STSC 272 Energy Use Details
Energy Law and Climate Change PennLaw LAW 919 Policy Details
Energy Markets & Policy Wharton BEPP 763 Markets Details
Energy Storage & Technology, Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability SEAS MSE 545-001 Energy Conservation Details
Energy Systems & Policy SEAS EAS 403 Policy Details
Energy Systems, Resources and Technology SEAS ENGR 250 Engineering Details
Energy Transformations and Living Off-The-Grid SAS BIOL 138-301 Energy Conservation Details
Energy, Oil & Global Warming SAS PHYS 016 Engineering Details
Engineering and the Environment SEAS CBE 375 Engineering Details
Engineering in Oil, Gas, and Coal, from Production to End Use SEAS ENGR 503 Engineering Details
Enhancing Sustainability through Tribology SEAS MEAM 504 Engineering Details
Environmental & Energy Economics and Policy Wharton BEPP 263 Economics Details
Environmental Case Studies SAS ENVS 301 Environment Details
Environmental Chemistry SAS CHEM 012 Chemistry Details
Environmental Enforcement SAS ENVS 622 Policy Details
Environmental Futures SAS ENVS 656 Policy Details
Environmental Law PennLaw LAW 634 Policy Details
Environmental Systems I SAS ARCH 533 Sustainability Details
Environmental Systems II SAS ARCH 534 Energy Use Details
Fluid Mechanics SEAS CBE 350 Engineering Details
Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes  SEAS CBE 546 Engineering Details
Geochemistry SAS GEOL 418 Environment Details
Global Climate Change SAS ENVS 204 Environment Details
Ideas in Energy Policy PennDesign ENMG 507 Policy Details
Industrial Metropolis SAS HIST 209 Sustainability Details
Integrated Building Design SAS ARCH 752 Energy Conservation Details
Introduction to Energy Policy PennDesign ENMG 502-001 Policy Details
Introduction to Environmental Earth Science SAS ENVS 200 Environment Details
Introduction to Environmental Planning & Policy PennDesign CPLN 531 Policy Details
Major Global Environmental Problems of Today and How We Must Deal With Them Tomorrow SAS ENVS SM 635 Policy Details
Material and Energy Balances of Chemical Processes SEAS CBE 230 Engineering Details
Materials for Energy Storage and Generation SEAS MSE 545 Engineering Details
Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport SEAS MEAM 572 Engineering Details
Planning by Numbers PennDesign CPLN 505 General Details
Policy and Design SAS ARCH 756 Policy Details
Politics of Global Environment SAS PSCI 154 Policy Details
Polymers and Biomaterials SEAS CBE 510 Engineering Details
Polymers and Biomaterials SEAS MSE 430 Engineering Details
Public Finance and Public Policy SAS GAFL-514-001 Policy Details
Public Infrastructure & Finance PennDesign CPLN 651 Policy Details
Renewable Energy and Its Impacts SEAS EAS 402 Engineering Details
Risk Analysis and Environmental Management Wharton BEPP 761 Management Details
Sustainability in Action SAS ARCH 255 Sustainability Details
Sustainable Design SAS ENVS 664 Sustainability Details
The Geology and Geography of Energy Resources SAS GEOL 508 Environment Details
The Physics of Solid State Energy Devices SEAS ESE 521 Engineering Details
Topics in Energy Policy: Emerging Ideas in Energy PennDesign ENMG 503-003 Policy Details
Transport Processes SEAS MEAM 570 Engineering Details
Transportation Planning Methods PennDesign CPLN 650 Transportation Details
Tribology SEAS MEAM 504 Engineering Details